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Most Popular Beach Bars in Halkidiki, Greece

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There’s something magical about beach bars. When someone says “go to your happy place,” I’d bet that 90 percent of people picture a beach. With a cocktail in hand, the warm sand between your toes and the soothing sound of the waves crashing you’ve officially left your worries behind for a laidback and carefree life—even if just for a few days.  The beaches in Halkidiki are like a secret that only Greeks know about. Characterized by fine white sand, crystal clear turquoise waters, lush surroundings and cool beach bars they are practically perfect, and just because it’s not an island does not mean you should stay away.  Below are listed the most visited beach bars of Halkidiki starting with the beach bars of Sithonia, the second and the prettiest peninsula of Halkidiki.


1. Manassu Beach Bar-Akti Oneirou (Dream Coast). The Beach Bar Manassu is a great choice if you want to go to crowded places with loud music and perfect parties.   In fact, many visitors come early in the morning and don’t leave until after midnight.  Sun beds are right on the beach, where guests sunbathe the day away. There is a settlement with camping facilities, bungalows and a restaurant.

view from above of Beach Bar Manassu

I really love the  parties at the bar but comparing to other beaches it’ s not the best choice for swimming,  so I would suggest during the day enjoy the crystal water of Portokali beach which is located few klm after Manassu.

After a few cocktails, and when the DJ takes to the booth, everybody moves to the bar and an amazing party begins…

How to get there: About 12 km south of Vourvourou you will see the sign for the turnoff. In order to get there you need to climb down a difficult descent of a dirt road of 800 meters. Free sunbeds but If you go there after 12.00 you will probably not find a spot. facebook

2.  Paraga Beach Bar-Agios Ioannis Beach (now Riviera beach bar)

best beachse in Halkidiki Agios ioannis beach 9 Agios Ioannis beach is a beach not to be missed;  perfect, well kept, golden sandy beach, sparkling, crystal clear warm waters…This is, a beach you could get in love with without understanding it… I did.

Open all day during the summer, there are parties with top DJ and all night dancing on the sands

best beachse in Halkidiki Agios ioannis beach Paraga by nightNote: This post was published 2 years ago. In 2016 opened a new beach bar, the Riviera Beach Bar.

Access is easy and there is a lot of parking space. The beach is just 5km from Nikiti. It is really crowded during the day so you have to go quite early to get a seat or parasol which is provided by them for 4 euros (2 sunbeds and the umbrella).

There is also another nice  beach bar, the Aqua Beach bar, It’s nice bar but it’s only for relax, no parties there.


3. Talgo Beach Bar-Vourvourou Beach Greece Halkidiki Vourvourou best beach bars Talgo bar 11 It is a lovely place if you are looking after a warm sea and some good music and drinks.

It is also really crowded during the day so if you want to get a parasol make sure to get there before 12:00.

Access is easy and there is a lot of parking space. The beach is just 8km East of Nikiti. You have to pay for the chairs near the water (first 3 rows I think), the others you do not pay if you order something from the bar. facebook

Other worth visiting beach bars in Sithonia are: Isla beach bar in Akti Koviou, Cielo beach bar in Elia beach and Ethnic beach bar in Tristinika.

4. Cabana Beach Bar-Paliouri Beach

Paliouri beach is probably the prettiest beach of the first peninsula of Halkidiki.  It’s in the end of the first peninsula,  just an hour drive from Thessaloniki. Cabana Beach Bar is among the best choices of Chalkidiki area in Greece. Crystal clear sea, scuba dive schools and  lots of young people! What I really like is the huge pillows that they have instead of sunbeds, they are really cool and comfortable. In the afternoon  there are parties with top DJ and all night dancing on the sands till the early morning. facebook

5. Lefki Ammos Beach Bar-Paliouri Beach

Lefki Ammos is also in the amazing beach of Paliouri. Nice place, nice music but… 5€ per coffee. At least the sunbeds are free of charge but it is very probable that you’ll have to share the umbrella with unknown companies…and like all the rest popular beach bars in Halkidiki in order to get a spot  you will have to be there before 12 or make a reservation for the sunbeds. Greece Halkidiki Paliouri beach best beach bars Lefki Ammos 12 This sandy beach is really amazing Greece Halkidiki Paliouri beach best beach bars Lefki Ammos 3


6. Molos Beach Bar-Hanioti Beach

enjoying coctails at Molos beach barGreece Halkidiki Hanioti beach, best beach bar in Halkidiki MolosGreece Halkidiki Hanioti beach, best beach bar in Halkidiki Molos 2

Hanioti also boasts the charm of a quaint village but is the livelier of the two resorts, with plenty of bars, late night clubs and good shopping opportunities. The beaches are perfect for taking it easy in the day, boasting golden sands, great views and a variety of watersports. facebook

7. Achinos Beach Bar-Hanioti

Achinos is a brand new and luxury seaside restaurant located in the first peninsula of Halkidiki, in Hanioti beach. The comfortable sunbeds are rented for 6 euros and the coffee costs 4 euros.

luxury beach bar in Halkidiki, Achinos luxury beach bar in Halkidiki, Achinos 10 luxury beach bar in Halkidiki, Achinos 15

Normally it’s quiet by night but some weekends are organized amazing parties.

Location: Hanioti beach, 102 km away from Thessaloniki’s airport. Hanioti lies between Kallithea and Pefkohori.


8. Anemos Beach Bar-Sani Beach Greece_Chalkidiki_Sani_Beach Sani beach is a beautiful long beach with blue-green waters and amazing sunset !  Relaxing! Refreshing! And very summery!!

Nice place, nice music  but…yes. here also… If you go there like 12.00 or 13.00 you will not find a spot.

9. Umbrellas Beach Bar-Pefkohori


Umbrellas-beach-bar-Pefkohori-partyIf you love crowded parties Umbrellas Beach Bar is the wright place for you. Check their fb page for the upcoming events.

10. Sahara Beach Bar-Néa Iráklia


Located only at 30 km from Thessaloniki Sahara Beach Bar is the largest beach bar in whole Halkidiki, it has 1000 sunbeds! But still it’s so crowded that if you go there after 12.00 on weekends you may not find a free spot. There is a lot space to play rackets and volley. The beach is not very special but still it’s a good choice if you want to avoid the huge traffic jam during weekends. There is a large parking space but unfortunately is always overcrowded, so in any case if you want to avoid any inconvenience make sure to wake up early 🙂

11.Crystal Life-Agios Pavlos Beach

Greece Halkidiki Iraklia beach best beach bars Crystal life 6Renewed hangout for those who want to enjoy their coffee or drink with very good service and music waiting all summer to spend unforgettable days and nights of relaxation and fun.  A popular beach, it offers a variety of water sports but for swimming it’s not a really good choice.

just 20 minutes drive from Thessaloniki (35 km south of Thessaloniki) is the intersection of St. Paul. It is really crowded but  as it has uncountable sunbeds you can easily get a spot no matter the time you get there. facebook

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