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Exploring Monreale, Sicily.

Italy Monreale Sicily TRAVEL


If you are on vacation in Palermo then it’s worth dedicating one day to visit Monreale.

Monreale is a little picturesque hill town about 15 km outside of Palermo, Sicily. What attracts tourists to Monreale is the Monreale Cathedral, famed for its glorious golden mosaics.

In 2015, the cathedral of Monreale was granted status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The most popular beaches of Palermo, Mondello beach 4

Mondello Beach-The Most Popular Beach in Palermo

Italy Palermo Sicily TRAVEL

The most popular beaches of Palermo, MondelloMondello beach is the largest, the closest and the most popular beach around Palermo and probably the most crowded one. It was built up from swamplands in early 1900s but now it’s lined with mansions and villas. Locals assured us, that the several mansions and villas lining the magnificent coastline had a trail of blood and money to hide.

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anti mafia organisation in Corleone, Italy 2

Following the Shadows of the Sicilian Mafia-Corleone, Italy

Corleone Italy Sicily TRAVEL

Everything looks so quiet and peaceful in this tiny Sicilian village, but an unexplained fear still follows you during your stay in Corleone. Just at the thought that this territory was once rooled by mafia your body starts shivering with the feeling that someone is watching your steps.

things to do in Corleone, Italy

Even after the elimination of mafia in 2006 and the arrest of ‘capo mafia’ Bernardo Provenzano after an astonishing 43 years on the run, the shadows of the Sicilian Mafia still refuse to leave the city.

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Rome part5: Nightlife places & clubs

Italy Rome

In Rome, the city itself is the party. You can find clubs, and bars in every corner and alley, though there are some areas that are more concentrated and famous than others.
The main centro storico nightlife districts are listed below.

1. Monte Testaccio

Are you the type of person who likes to dance the night away?  The biggest concentration of nightclubs lies in the Testaccio district, where a plethora of small venues offer dancing and concerts. Akab and L’Alibi are two of the most popular dance clubs in the area.  The gay scene is alive and kicking and accounts for many of the more avant-garde night spots.

Rome Nightlife, details of the best bars, clubs

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Rome part3-Vatican city

Italy Rome TRAVEL


Vatican City (Citta del Vaticano), also known as with the Holy See (Santa Sede), is the latest and only current Papal state in existence and the temporal seat of the Pope, head of the worldwide Catholic Church. Situated within the city of Rome in Italy, the Vatican is the world’s smallest state.

vatican cityVia della Conciliazione, San Pietro Roma” La città eterna”

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Rome part2-Palazzo Rondinini

Italy Rome TRAVEL


This wonderful palace , built in 1744-1748 for baron Rondanini,  was restructured and furbished in the 1760s as a living museum to show off the wealthy Lombard family’s collection of art and antiquities. After the Rondinini family sold the house in 1801 (there were no heirs) it was owned by a string officials and dignitaries for the next century. Many of its antiquities were taken abroad during that period. In 1904 there were some updates to the building and in 1946 it fell into financial hands when the Banca Nazionale dell’Agricoltura bought it. One of the antiquities to be taken away was the Rondanini Medusa, a Roman-era copy of an original Greek Gorgon’s face (with snakes) that adorned the shield of the colossal statue of Athene that once stood in the Parthenon. Our guide told us that John Paul Getty was involved in the Medusa’s departure.

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Fun things to do in Rome,monuments

Rome part 1-City centre

Italy Rome TRAVEL

Rome...such a magnificent city.

Fun things to do in Rome, Italy, piazza di Spagna

Piazza di Spagna. One of the most popular meeting places in Rome. The elegant staircase,built between 1723-1726, consists of 137 steps over twelve different flights.

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