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Festival against racism in Thessaloniki, Greece

Greece Thessaloniki TRAVEL

Due to the worsening economic situation there has been an increase of incidents of racist violence in Greece over the last 18 months.
The neo-fascist party Golden Dawn is becoming more and more popular in Greece. It is now essential to do something about that. The theater team that I participate took part in the anti racist demonstration that took part in February 2013 in Thessaloniki.

festival against racism in Aristotelous Thessaloniki Greece

We improvised in the play; 4 of us mixed with the crowd representing victims of racism and the rest 2 members were acting as racists. They were looking  for us in the crowd swearing and screaming, grabbing and throwing us in front of the crowd.

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Thessaloniki-my city

Greece Thessaloniki TRAVEL

Beautiful Thessaloniki!

Thessaloniki is the capital of Macedonia, a historical region in northern Greece founded around 315 BC by Cassander, the King of Macedon. Cassander named the new city after his wife Thessalonica, the sister of Alexander the Great. Her father, Philip II of Macedon, had given her that name to commemorate his victory (nike) over the Thessalians. “Thessaly”+ “Nike (victory)”

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