40 Awesome and Inspiring White Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Christmas is just around the corner, if you are still looking for inspiration for  Christmas decoration you are at the right place.  Snowy white holiday decor always looks bright and modern, so I have gathered some of the most creative and inspiring White Christmas décoration ideas around the web to help you celebrate the season. Check out this collection of 40 White Christmas Decorating Ideas and get inspired. Have fun! Read More

Amazing 200 Year Old Hand Made Desk Full of Secret Compartments

amazing old furniture construction The Roentgens’ Berlin Secretary Cabinet was designed and constructed by Abraham (1711–1793) and David Roentgen (1743–1807). The construction started in 1778 and it took a year to be completed since it was crafted by hand. Abraham and David Roentgen were known as master cabinet-makers during the early 1700s into the early 1800s and they made the cabinet for King Frederick William II. Read More

White City, Honduras-The Most Mysterious Destination for Archaeologists

Lost city discovered in Honduras, Ciudad Blanca 9The “White City“, located in Honduras, is one of the most mysterious destinations for archaeologists around the world.
The ancient city, known also as La Ciudad Blanca,  located in the forests of Honduras, has served an important role in the mythology of the Central American peoples. According to a legend, the city was ruled by a monkey god, who had kidnapped the most beautiful girls of the region to procreate. From that union of monkey god with ordinary mortals arose a race of anthropomorphic apes.

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Easy and Cute DIY Outdoor Pallet Furniture

DIY colorful furniture for the balconyI have recently moved to a new apartment and it was time to decorate my new house. Since I enjoy and love more the things I do my self I decided to create my unique outdoor furniture. An easy and inexpensive way of course is by using pallets. So in only one day I had my bench and coffee table for the balcony ready. It was super easy and fun! I realized that creating furniture by your self isn’t only a man’s job.

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Portokali Beach, Halkidiki-The Most Stunning Beach in Sithonia

Greece Halkidiki second peninsula portokali beachPortokali Beach or Kavourotrupes (meaning crab holes) is one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki. The scenery is really amazing, crystal clear water, sand and white rocks….simply the best beach in Sithonia. But unfortunately if you want to enjoy swimming there you should avoid the months of July and August. During these months, especially on weekends, this paradise is overcrowded. It is also one of the most popular beaches for free camping. Read More