Amazing Miniature Structures-The Ave Maria Grotto, Cullman, Alabama.

 most unusual parks around the world, Grotto  18Carol M. Highsmith, photographer

Ave Maria Grotto, the four-acre park , located in Cullman of Alabama, includes 125 miniature reproductions of the most important  Catholic buildings, churches and shrines.

Also known as “Jerusalem in Miniature”,  this miniature fairyland was built by Joseph Zoettl (1878-1961), a Benedictine Monk and includes Noah’s Ark, the Tower of Babel, St. Peter’s, the Statue of Liberty and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Read More

Breathtaking Natural Ice and Snow Art

There are so many talented artists around the world but no one is better than mother nature. Let’s have a look at the most stunning photos of natural ice and snow formations from around the globe that only our magnificent nature could create in such perfection. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Frozen Bubbles

Frozen art by nature, bubbles 3Photo : Angela Kelly Read More