How to Color Easter Eggs: 10 Creative Ways

12 Apr

I have collected 10 different and fun ways to color your eggs for a fresh Spring table. Enjoy!

1. Foiled Eggs

Who knew the fabled golden egg could look so cool! Colorfully dyed eggs get a bit of bling from gold or copper foil, and while the look is luxe, the foil is surprisingly affordable. Also the copper is one the most popular trends  in decoration since last year.

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Lindos-Rhodes Island, One The Most Beautiful Places In Greece

7 Apr

The picturesque authentic village of Lindos is an absolute must-see when you visit Rhodes. Located 45 km away from Rhodes town, in a wonderful private golf with fabulous sandy beaches.

Lindos-Rhodes-Island-Greece-2I drove from the Rhodes town for an hour and…. there it was -beautiful, amazing, breath taking-not much more to say…. it took my breath away. Totally worth the drive!

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DIY Love Message In An Egg

2 Apr

Secret love message I love the idea of giving multiple eggs to someone you love – some for them to crack open right away, and one for him or her to save for years to come, turning it into a meaningful message from the past.

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Anthony Quinn Beach-Rhodes, Greece

1 Apr

Best beaches of the Greek island Rhodes, Anthony QuinnThe small bay of Anthony Quinn with crystal clear waters and rocky surroundings is one of the most beatifull beaches on the island of Rhodes.

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DIY Rainbow Roses

29 Mar


Rainbow Roses TutorialIf you have roses on your garden, then this will be cool for you because you wont spend a penny to make them, if not just buy yourself some white roses and get started.

In three different glasses add your favourite food colours and then cut the bottom of the stem in three. The cut should be around 3-4 cm, enough to reach each of the glasses. Let the roses there for 2-3 days and your rainbow roses will be ready!

Note: In some of the roses you can see the colour change within the first hour, but for a better result the stronger the colours. Have fun trying this!


DIY Easter Bunny Napkin Fold

28 Mar

This creative purple Easter bunny napkin will energize any Easter table!
Bunny Rabbit Napkin Folding Tutorial

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Following the Shadows of the Sicilian Mafia-Corleone, Italy

25 Mar

Everything looks so quiet and peaceful in this tiny Sicilian village, but an unexplained fear still follows you during your stay in Corleone. Just at the thought that this territory was once rooled by mafia your body starts shivering with the feeling that someone is watching your steps.

things to do in Corleone, Italy

Even after the elimination of mafia in 2006 and the arrest of ‘capo mafia’ Bernardo Provenzano after an astonishing 43 years on the run, the shadows of the Sicilian Mafia still refuse to leave the city.

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