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Amazing Art-Innovative Lighting Installations

The talented designer Vasileios Roumeliotis gives light to old and ordinary objects and transforms them into beautiful innovative lighting installations. His creations were exhibited from 15 May to 21 May 2015 at the exhibition ‘SuppARTing Students’ ,that was held in Tucker Robbins and Cliff Young galleries (suites 504 and 505) in the New York Design Center. Sixty-five Greek and foreign artists from different types of fine arts –such as painting, digital painting, pyrography, sculpture, engraving, cartoonist, lighting art, collage etc. – offered their artworks to support the great social project ‘suppARTing students’, aiming all proceeds to be allocated to three hundred malnourished students from twenty-five elementary schools of Thessaloniki, Greece. Read More

world's most impressive caves, Malaysia

Most Beautiful Caves In The World

Our planet is full of wonders and Natural beauty you can hardly believe actually exist. Here I have a collection of the most amazing caves in the world. Many were formed million years ago, but their colors and size still impress us. Most of these stunning caves have been explored and are open to the public. Read More

Amazing Miniature Structures-The Ave Maria Grotto, Cullman, Alabama.

 most unusual parks around the world, Grotto  18Carol M. Highsmith, photographer

Ave Maria Grotto, the four-acre park , located in Cullman of Alabama, includes 125 miniature reproductions of the most important  Catholic buildings, churches and shrines.

Also known as “Jerusalem in Miniature”,  this miniature fairyland was built by Joseph Zoettl (1878-1961), a Benedictine Monk and includes Noah’s Ark, the Tower of Babel, St. Peter’s, the Statue of Liberty and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Read More