Acropolis Made of 120.000 Lego Bricks

amazing lego structure of parthenon It took around 300 hours to Ryan McNaugh, a professional Lego builder, to build this amazing Lego Acropolis.  ”The model is as close to the real Acropolis as I could make it. It’s not an architectural scale model; it’s more of a representation. The hardest parts were working out how to do all the diagonal lines,” McNaught said.  Read More

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Ginger and Beetroot Smoothie for Williams-Sonoma Smoothie Week

Bizarre smoothie with beetroot, ginger, cinnamon, orange, agaveWhen  Williams-Sonoma contacted me and asked me to share my unique and bizarre smoothie recipe as part of the Not Your Typical Smoothie Challenge I was thrilled!

Having grown up on home-made smoothie before the era of smoothie shops in every shopping mall, I started thinking what I enjoy in a smoothie. The fruits, the milk or yogurt base, warmth of a mild spice to cut through the sweetness of base ingredients and a healthy vegetable which props up the nutrition quotient without overpowering the taste.

And yes, I am a firm believer in the old adage “you taste with your eyes first”. So yes, my smoothie needed to look delish and taste nothing like you’ve tasted before.
A delicious smoothie is like a happy marriage, where several different combinations of flavours and colours come together for a beautiful, tasty treat. Read More

best working environment, Google Zurich

Most Extraordinary and Cool Workspaces.

When we think of an office what comes to our mind is a boring work space with no colors,  full of computers and packs of papers scattered everywhere but…… there are some  people in our world that can really heave a heaven like working environment.

Fortunately some companies dare to make the difference. In fact overdo the difference and create an enviable working environment were everyone would like to work everyday for the rest of  his life!!!

Sit back and prepare yourself for some of the world’s most innovative office spaces. Read More

You Will be Shocked by the Methods Women Used in the Past to Avoid Pregnancy.

History of Birth Control , Europe, Middle Ages

In the past women used to have many babies which was not because they loved the ‘visiting stork’ a lot. The truth is, women back in the day probably never heard of the best oral contraceptive method ever – saying “No”, repeatedly – until the man understood that he was not going to get any fun inside the sheets unless he uses protection. Simple!

They did however; try some ridiculous, often painful ways of avoiding pregnancy. A quick look at some of them, and I’m sure you’d be thankful that all you have to do is put on latex.

And just so you know, I don’t recommend you try out any of these…

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World’s First-Ever Beauty Contests

It’s impossible to tell exactly when beauty contests or beauty pageants began, but they certainly existed since antiquity. For example, in Troy, in Ellas, on Lesbos Island, in ancient China etc, beauty pageants were a form of entertainment.  Even in the Ottoman Empire, despite strict Islamic morals, rulers entertained themselves with competitions to choose the most gorgeous wife in their harem.

It’s interesting how the perception of beauty have changed over time. Looking at the beauty quins of the past and the women of today I am sure you will agree they aren’t beautiful as todays “modern woman”. What was once considered beautiful and fashionable is now even laughable.

The first modern Europen pageant was held in 1839 in Scotland. The title of  “Queen of Beauty” was awarded  to the 30 year old Jane Georgiana Sheridan (5 November 1809 – 14 December 1884),  wife of Edward Seymour, 12th Duke of Somerset and sister of noted author Caroline Norton .

first known beauty pageant, Jane Georgina

The first modern American pageant, involving the display of women’s faces and figures before judges, was staged by Phineas Taylor Barnum  in 1854, but his beauty contest was closed down by public protest.

It was in the 1880s that beauty pageants became more popular and the first “Bathing Beauty Pageant” took place as part of a summer festival to promote business in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

 First Beauty Pageant Winners in History, Bertha SoucaretMarthe Soucaret

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