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30 DIY Rustic Christmas Ornaments Ideas

Christmas Decoration

Christmas is just around the corner so it’s time to dress up your tree. If you need some inspiration I have gathered some top easy, creative and rustic DIY Christmas ornaments ideas.  Have fun! Lets get crafty and create some Christmas magic…

1. DIY Rustic Macramé Christmas Ornament

diy christmas ornament, macramesource

2. Rustic Christmas heart ornamentcreative and chic christmas ornamentsource

For a rustic and shabby chic ornament wrap a plastic ball with jute twine and decorate it with ribbon and a white burlap heart.

3. Romantic Christmas ornament

diy christmas ornament, key and flower decorsource

For this lovely Christmas ornament all you have to do is wrap a plastic ball with jute twine and decorate it with lace ribbon, charms, and a small brass key.

4. Rustic Christmas Bell Ornamen

diy christmas ornament, christmas bells decoupagesource

Materials: cardboard, paper, paint, varnish, wire, twine. The bells are made of rustic cardboard painted in white outside, and decorated in decoupage technique.

5. Christmas bell ornament

diy christmas ornament, christmas bellssource

6. Rustic Christmas star ornament

diy christmas ornament, starsource

7. Christmas ornament wrapped in natural and green burlap and decorated with bells, holly, wooden snowflakes, red and green burlap threads and gold elastic cord.

diy christmas ornament, redsource

8. Red Burlap Ornamentdiy christmas ornament, red burlapMaterials: foam, burlap, bells, ribbons, lace, pine cone, hot glue, florist wire


9. Handmade Christmas ornaments

diy christmas ornament, made of linensource

Cover 2 1/2″ styrofoam balls with burlap and linen for a rustic look and feel

10. Burlap Angel Ornamentdiy christmas ornament, angelYou will need

2 – 1 sq. ft. sheets of thin burlap (landscaping burlap works great)

1 – .4″ wooden bead

Lace fabric and ribbon

Thin ribbon

Rubber band

Washer ( I painted mine with copper paint)


Hot glue gun and glue

White polymer Clay


11.Homemade Christmas tree ornament tutorial, relief flowers

diy christmas ornament, flowerssource

12. DIY paper wrapped Christmas ornaments

diy paper wrapped christmas ornamentsource

13. Rustic glass Christmas ornament

diy christmas ornament, glasssource

14. Glass ornament

diy christmas ornament, tree branch

Create your own little nature scene. Place a branch of Christmas tree inside the clear glass ornament globe along with any little decorations you like.

15. DIY wood photo transfer ornaments

diy christmas ornament, wood photo To make your own photo transfer wood ornaments, you will need:

A photo printed on basic computer paper with a laser printer Branch slices about a 1/2 inch thick
A gel medium
Mod Podge
Red ribbon
Small paintbrush

For the tutorial visit–>thehomesteady

16. Rustic Country Christmas Ornament, Set of 4 Hope, Love, Peace,  Joy

diy christmas ornament, wood messagesourse

17. Hannah Milman’s tree-trunk-deer

diy christmas ornament, ReindeerBy Taylor Combs, Photos by Mike Krautter

For the tutorial visit–>marthastewart

18. Rustic Flannel Star Ornament

diy christmas ornament, fabric starMaterials Needed:
Flannel Fabric
Star Ornament Template
Matching Thread
Fiber Fill

For the tutorial visit–>artzycreations

19. Christmas star ornament made of cinnamon


20. Christmas pinecone stars ornaments

diy christmas ornament, pinecone starsource

21. Christmas ornament made of cinnamon sticks

diy christmas ornament, cinnamon stickssource

Simply stick cinnamon sticks to a foam ball for a natural holiday decoration.

22. Christmas ornaments wrapped with brown paper and decorated with preserved cedar, wisps of caspia and red berries.

diy christmas ornament, red berriessource

23. White Christmas ornaments

diy christmas ornament, whitesource

24. Rustic twine Christmas ornament – decorated with ivory lace and faux pearlsdiy christmas ornaments, rusticWrap 7cm / 3 inches styrofoam balls with natural jute twine and then embellish with a band of ivory lace for a french, rustic look and feel.


25. Handmade Rustic christmas ornament wrapped arround with old rope, and decorated with cotton lace. They look Rustic, little victorian but still decorated enough to catch someones eye…

diy christmas ornament, rope and cotton lacesource

26. Rustic tree bark green owl ornaments

diy christmas ornament, Owlsource

Small pieces of wood, buttons,  fabric or real tree leaves and you have these super cute owls.

27. Giant felted wool acorns

diy christmas ornament, wool acornssource

28. Wire stars

diy christmas ornament, wire starsource

29. Handmade Natural Seed Holiday Ornaments

diy christmas ornament, natural seedsDifficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 10 Minutes
Age range: 10 and Up

Things you’ll need:
Paper mache ball ornaments
Sunflower seeds
Crafters Pick Glue
Paint brush
Gold glitter spray

For the tutorial visit–>factorydirectcraft

30. Lovely vintage Christmas ornaments

diy christmas ornament, vintagesource

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