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healthy vegetarian pizza recipe

20 Healthy Pizza Recipes


Healthy pizzas…mmm…is that possible? Yesssss!!!!!!! Pizza CAN BE healthy! It’s fun and easy to make healthy, delicious homemade pizza so just grab your favorite toppings and head for your grill!

1. Grilled Caprese Naan Pizza

healthy pizza recipe with capreseGet the recipe–>ohmyveggies


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15 Healthy Frozen Desserts for Summer


Even though it’s late summer already, the temperatures are still high and there’s nothing like a  frozen yogurt or popsicle melting down your chin. I’ve scoured the web for 15 delicious, super healthy and super easy to make treats. Enjoy!

1. Tropical Avocado Popsicle

healthy homemade popsicles with avocadoGet the recipe—> cookingstoned

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