DIY unusual christmas tree, decorated with crabapple branches

40 DIY Creative and Inspiring Christmas Trees

Christmas Decoration

Christmas is almost here!! If you are on the hunt for an alternative tree then you are at the right place. I searched the internet for the prettiest DIY Christmas trees. I hope you`ll like them and get inspired from the photos below. Enjoy! An alternative Christmas tree by The Jubiltree Company, decorated with crabapple branches, found birds’ nests, and sweet little birds. Love it!DIY unusual christmas tree, decorated with crabapple branchesDIY unusual christmas tree, decorated with paintings                                                                                   source

Driftwood Christmas Trees

DIY unusual christmas treesDIY unusual christmas trees, blue white colorssource

Love this!

DIY unusual christmas trees, on canvassourceDIY unusual christmas tree, purplesource

DIY unusual christmas trees, eco friendlysource

DIY unusual christmas trees, twigsource

DIY unusual christmas trees, twig 2source

Pallets Christmas Trees

DIY unusual christmas trees, palletssource

rustic recycled christmas tree source

DIY christmas tree letterssource

rustic recycled christmas tree 2rustic christmas tree , painted on palletsource

rustic christmas tree let it snowsource

alternative and creative christmas tree ideas

Easy DIY Twine Christmas Tree

DIY unusual twine christmas treesource

unusual christmas trees 2source

Christmas tree wall decor.  Especially great idea when the space is limited.

DIY unusual christmas tree, wall decorationsource

Rock-Candy Trees

DIY unusual christmas tree, candysource

Christmas Tree made of cotton

DIY unusual christmas tree, cottonsource

Christmas Tree made of different materials

DIY unusual christmas tree, materialsource

Pinecone Christmas Tree

DIY unusual christmas tree, pineconesource

DIY Paper Christmas Tree

DIY unusual paper christmas treesource

DIY Newspaper Christmas tree

DIY unusual christmas trees, newspapersource

Christmas Tree made of nuts

DIY unusual christmas tree, made of nutssource

Coffee Bean Styrofoam Cone Tree Centerpiece

DIY unusual christmas tree made of coffee beanssource

DIY Wood Biscuit Christmas Tree.DIY unusual christmas tree, biscuitThis fun and easy christmas tree is made from a cardboard cone, covered with painted joining biscuits.




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  • Jamie K. November 19, 2014

    Love it!!!

  • julia streetstyle November 24, 2014

    Beautiful ideas for christmas trees.
    Lovely greetings 😉

  • equinoxio21 November 28, 2014

    Very clever designs! Compliments. I can’t begin to think about the time it took you to collect every item of this post.
    Have a lovely week-end

  • Megan Malanga Coane December 17, 2014

    Gosh, these are cool! I especially love the one made of the white palates. It would even give you spaces to hang or sit ornaments if you felt like going for the traditional experience.

    I also like that a lot of these are hung on walls, so if you don’t have the space for that 3D tree, you can still get that Christmas-y look!

    Super creative post.

  • kamillej2014 December 18, 2014

    Very creative. I like the birds and the coffee beans – two of my favourite things.
    Merry Christmas!
    Skinny Jeans Mum

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  • Spence's Girl October 12, 2015

    These are so clever and lovely! What great, creative ideas.

  • Spence's Girl October 12, 2015

    Reblogged this on spencesgirl and commented:
    With the days till Christmas counting down, I happened upon this post from a blogger I just discovered after she liked a recent post of mine. These clever DIY ideas really caught my eye and I felt I must share this with my followers!

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