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the most popular beaches of Pilio, Potistikon

The Best Beaches of Pelion, Greece.

Greece Pelion TRAVEL

Pelion is a place which has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. This magnificent and attractive peninsula has everything: a mountain, a city, a village and a seaside. It has wilderness and peace. Pelion is a place that you can visit during summer and winter holidays. In the winter you can go skiing and in the summer swimming and snorkeling are on your to do list. However, it was my first time in Pelion, and gotta admit I didn’t expect such amazing beaches. Every inch of sea is covered with crystal clear water and its beaches are surrounded by high green mountains. You might have seen Pelion beaches without knowing about it! Mamma Mia movie shot here and some scenes come from the beach Damouchari.

You will find below a list with the best beaches in Pelion, Greece.

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picturesque Greek village, Pilio

Agios Lavrentios, The Music Village of Pelion, Greece.

Greece Pelion TRAVEL

Τhe picturesque Music Village of Agios Lavrentios, Pelion is located just 19 km away from the city of Volos at an altitude of 600m. This small mountainous village seems untouched by time as it preservers it’s unspoiled traditional character. The ancient houses made of giant stones, the cobblestone slippery streets are such a beautiful detail, added to this natural world opened touristic attraction.

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Diaporos Boat Tour, Halkidiki, Greece

Greece Halkidiki

Diaporos is one of the most stunning and authentic island of nine islands that belong to Sithonia peninsula of Chalkidiki. Situated in the bay of Vourvourou village in northern Greece, it represents a pure pleasure for eyes and soul. Located on a private bay, Diaporos island is literally unforbidden paradise for every single yachtsman lover and owner in Halkidiki.

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Inside the Holy Mountain Athos

The Forbidden Place For Women-Mount Athos, Greece.

Greece Halkidiki TRAVEL

Tour inside the Holy mount Athos, Chalkidiki 2

Mount Athos, which is forbidden to women and children, is the oldest surviving monastic community in the world. An Orthodox spiritual centre since 1054, Mount Athos is governed by its own local administration. Also called the Holy Mount since it’s completely dedicated to prayer and worship of God. Everyone who visited it is impressed by it’s unspoilt natural beauty and the relaxing atmosphere.

Since I am not a man and I don’t have the guts to get dressed as a man and snuck into a monastery, I will never have the chance to visit this place. Fortunately my friend Panagiotis, who happens to be a really good photographer, visited recently Mount Athos and let me share with you the photos of the mysterious land where myth is entwined with history and miracles mingle with reality. Let’s enjoy the journey to the Holy Mount Athos through the stunning photos of Panagiotis Karousos.

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