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Agios Lavrentios, The Music Village of Pelion, Greece.

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Τhe picturesque Music Village of Agios Lavrentios, Pelion is located just 19 km away from the city of Volos at an altitude of 600m. This small mountainous village seems untouched by time as it preservers it’s unspoiled traditional character. The ancient houses made of giant stones, the cobblestone slippery streets are such a beautiful detail, added to this natural world opened touristic attraction.

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The Music Village has been well known since 2006 as one of the most wide-open artistic communities in Europe. Every year it brings together artists from all over the world. Unfortunately this year this event will be postponed for the next year, due to financial issues. Yet,  Agios Lavrentios organize another interesting event.

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Every year, during the 3rd weekend of June, takes place the Cherry Festival. Visitors can enjoy eating delicious local cherries, drinking the traditional drink tsipouro accompanied by tasty meze and listening to traditional music.

picturesque Greek village, Pilio 14We had tsipouro and various meze at San Lorenzo tavern located at the main square of the village. Each ouzo ordered is accompanied by one plate of delicious meze and every time it’s a surprise.

picturesque Greek village, Pilio 5Waiting for the dessert after having many many tsipouro drinks.  picturesque Greek village, Pilio 11

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picturesque Greek village, Pilio 20picturesque Greek village, Pilio 18 picturesque Greek village, Pilio 19There is no road for cars so you’ll have to park your car at the entrance of the village. Just make sure not to bring a huge luggage. You must be wondering now how am I supposed to get there. For the hiking lovers, there are no worries. For the other ones, you can ride a horse instead.

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Speaking of horses, Pelion is a native home of Centaurs. But, obviously, it was long time ago, because the horses are on different position nowadays.

Centaurs Chiron established in a cave, the world’s first Hospital University. There he was teaching his students and healing his patients. In this mountain, Centaurs taught Geography, astronomy, the art of hunting and war to Jesson, Achilles, Orpheus, and Medicine to God Asklepios.

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The village took it’s name from the Monastery of Agios Lavrentios, founded there by Saint Lavrentios in 1378.The Achilles heel will lead you to the purple dome of a beautiful church. Its nuns are very friendly and they will refresh your divine welcome with traditional Greek sweets. The walls of the church don’t have religious paintings. True masterpieces are gold-plated iconostasis and its icons, carved in wood.

As in many other Pelion villages, the first residents of the village Agios Lavrentios were people who were looking for a work in the Monastery’s fields. Today’s population of Agios Lavrentios counts 230 people.

picturesque Greek village, Pilio

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traditional Greek Pelion house, interios

I stayed at Christopher’s house and was amazed by the awesome garden, stunning view and the traditional style of the house untouched by time.

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  • 2 Hearts & 2 Wheels June 15, 2017

    Outstanding photos! What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Brian June 15, 2017

    Thank you, eupharisto for a lovely trip.

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