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unusual and creative painted doors, Knaresborough

Street Door Art. Creative Painted Doors Around The World.


In many countries around the world artists use some ordinary doors as if they were canvases and transform them into beautiful paintings.

Why painted doors? The painted doors turn a city into a vibrant place and attract many tourists. There are some countries in the world were the painted doors are believed to bring luck, happiness and wealth. While some people paint their doors just to impress.

I love the idea of walking on the street and discover public art in an unlikely place. But at the moment I could only discover them on the web. Below is a collection of some creatively painted doors around the world.

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art history, most popular paintings done by famous painters

Famous Artist’s First , Last and Most Popular Paintings. Part 1


Throughout history, millions of artists have created beautiful painting but very few succeeded to become worldwide recognizable.

Let’s have a look at how the most genius artists have illustrated their thoughts, visions and this beautiful universe into their first, last and most popular paintings and learn some interesting or weird facts about their lives.

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unusual and interesting art 13

Impressive and Unusual Dust Car Art


unusual and interestin art 2Marilyn-Audrey

To most people dust is just dirt but to some artists it’s a tempting canvas to create art.

Let’s see how artists all over the world transform with their magical hands the unwanted dust into impressive piece of art.

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Recycled art in Kenya made of Flipflops 11

Sculptures Made of Recycled Flipflops


Recycled art in Kenya made of Flipflops 17These colorful toys and animal shaped masterpieces are made from 100% recycled flipflops!

Ocean Sole, an organization in Kenya, that cares about the ocean, its ecosystems and marine wildlife found a creative and productive way to save the coastline from pollution. 

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