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Lost Civilizations-The Sunken City of Cuba


Mystery is hidden, attractive and deep. We always try to resolve it. We dig, we research and we try to reveal the truth.  But somehow, at the end of the day, mystery becomes a top secret. And the truth is out there. The history is the witness that one whole civilization could disappear ‘’in one fearful day and night ‘’, well said by Plato. That’s the case with The Sunken City of Cuba.

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Oldest Objects Ever Found, Egyptian wool socks

The Oldest Pieces of Clothing and Accessories Ever Found


Ηow old is the oldest remnant fabric found on our planet? Who invented the sunglasses (no, sunglasses weren’t invented by Italians)? Where people wearing underwear in the old times?

It is not known when humans first began making clothing due to the fast deterioration of fabrics and materials, but genetic analysis estimates that humans began wearing clothing 170 millennia ago!

According to archaeological finds possible sewing needles have been dated to around 40,000 years ago and the earliest dyed fibres date back to 36,000 BC.

Here is a list of the oldest surviving clothes and accessories.

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What did Cleopatra Really Look Like?


Like Helen of Troy, Cleopatra (69 – 30 b.c.), has always been one of the history’s famous beauties. But was she really beautiful? Modern historians claim to have evidence that Cleopatra wasn’t as physically striking as once believed.

Let’s have a look at the facts.

image of Cleopatraimage source

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Lost city discovered in Honduras, Ciudad Blanca 9

White City, Honduras-The Most Mysterious Destination for Archaeologists


Lost city discovered in Honduras, Ciudad Blanca 9The “White City“, located in Honduras, is one of the most mysterious destinations for archaeologists around the world.
The ancient city, known also as La Ciudad Blanca,  located in the forests of Honduras, has served an important role in the mythology of the Central American peoples. According to a legend, the city was ruled by a monkey god, who had kidnapped the most beautiful girls of the region to procreate. From that union of monkey god with ordinary mortals arose a race of anthropomorphic apes.

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