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The 1,800+ Years Old Bronze Horse Statue Discovered in China Resembles Shrek’s Donkey!


In 2013 the Chinese archaeologists excavated the most amusing artifact ever found, a ceramic horse with the funniest expression ever seen.  But what makes it even more interesting is that its lovely expression is similar with Shrek’s donkey. So funny!quirky bronze statue Han dinastyAnimals also have emotions and the horse the ancient artists were inspired from must have had a great sense of humor.

quirky bronze statue Han dinasty 5The ceramic horse of ancient China’s Han Dynasty was found accidentally. In 2013 the local authority was expanding an airport and found a hurried mass burial at the site of Sanxingdui in Sichuan Province (home to the Pandas). The tomb, measuring eight meters long (26 feet) and four metres wide (13 feet), dates back to Han, the second imperial dynasty of China which ruled from 206 B.C. to 220 A.D.  The horse statue was among more than 100 items including earthenware and bronze vessels. All of them were probably funerary objects.

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The funny horse head caught the attention of the historians only recently, when it was transferred to the Sanxingdui Museum for restoration. Experts say this horse head is rare for its curly tongue and vivid eyes.

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