thermal baths in a natural cave,

Thermal Baths Inside a Cave-Miskolc Tapolca, Hungary.

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Thermal bath in a cave, wow that’s so amazing, need to go there!!!

thermal baths in a natural cave,

The unusual thermal cave bath in Miskolctapolca, Hungary is unique all around Europe. Besides the natural cave bath there are indoor and outdoor pools, an aqua park, thermal pools and a small pool for the children. The spa is situated in a large park with a lake.

cave thermal baths

gorgeous thermal baths inside a caveThe thermal water (temperature: 30°C, 86°F) contains calcium, magnesium-hydrogen-carbonic, iodine, bromide and radon and is reputed to cure pain in the joints. Since it has lower salt content than most thermal waters, people can bathe in it for much longer time, the temperature is good even in winter. The Cave Bath can be visited all year long except for January.

famous spa of MIskolctapolca

The cave and the thermal spring have been known since ancient times, but it became a popular bathing place only after the Ottoman occupation of Hungary (16th-17th century). During this time the area belonged to the Greek Orthodox church. The development of the bathing place was the idea of the abbot in 1711.

 thermal baths in a natural cave, hungary 2In the early 20th century the growing city Miskolc bought the area from the Greek Orthodox Church not only because of the thermal water but also because of the drinking water source (which now provides half of the city’s water supply).

 thermal baths in a natural cave, hungary

In the following years, new public baths were built. In 1939 the construction of a new bathing house began. During the construction several archaeological findings were unearthed, and a new, previously unknown water spring was found with a water temperature of 31.5°C. The thermal bath was opened in 1941 but the Cave Bath itself was opened only on 14 May 1959.

 thermal baths in a natural cave, hungary 3Since then the bath complex has been expanded several times.

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  • Lisa G. May 29, 2013

    This is so awesome, and amazing, and beautiful.

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    Masterpiece post.These pictures are superb.jalal

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  • rodi (Rob and Diane) November 16, 2014

    This is awesome; now I have a reason to add Hungary to my bucket list; And I have Hungarian in me somewhere way back

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