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Diaporos is one of the most stunning and authentic island of nine islands that belong to Sithonia peninsula of Chalkidiki. Situated in the bay of Vourvourou village in northern Greece, it represents a pure pleasure for eyes and soul. Located on a private bay, Diaporos island is literally unforbidden paradise for every single yachtsman lover and owner in Halkidiki.

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Its coves are conquered by pine trees, the beaches are sandy and the color of the turquoise water is simply amazing. One more bonus to be on a port tack is the fact that the bay is deep enough for large yachts. Plus, you’ll never regret for parking on this spot because the astonishing view is worth of hundred of selfies per day. There are wonderful houses here and there, which full the breathtaking panorama. A perfect  postcard.

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Diaporos belongs to a complex of islets together with: Kalogria, Ambelitsi, Kalamonisia, Prassonisi, Peristera, Agios Isodoros. You can all explore them by picking up a petit private boat or a canoe. You don’t even need a license for those under 30 hp. Just be sure you’re  prepared your picnic basket, because this magnificent area deserves to be treated appropriately.

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If you want coffee you can hope to Vourvourou beach, to Ekies beach hotel. For fresh fish tavern visit Ormos Panagias beach and for crowded and most popular beach bars make a stop at Manassu beach bar at Akti Oneirou beach or Riviera Beach bar at Elia beach.

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If you are seaching for any agency for motor boats, you can find many in Vourvourou. The small ones wasting up to 4 people and they cost about 50 euros a day. If, on the other side, you are seeking for more luxury, you can always rent a bigger and glamorous boat from several hundred euros per day.



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My recommendation for boat agency is, certainly, Dream Swim team. There is no better way to explore the magnificent waters of Diaporos than with professionals with brand new boats. And what is more important, these guys are super friendly and funny! That’s exactly what you need as a terrific summer adventure. They will make you laugh and enjoy your boat ride.Don’t forget to give them a huuuge kiss from moco-choco!

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Diaporos isn’t a type of the touristic discovered island. It’s practically wild and untouched, so there are no other facilities, except for a few private villas on it. It doesn’t mean that this island isn’t on the priority list of many hedonistas.

Jibe your direction Captain, because this summer, Diaporos is definitely first dot on our maps! Just go straight to Blue Lagoon!

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