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World’s Oldest Park, Rodini, Rhodes Island.

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Rodini park, situated in the area known as Rodini, along the road to Lindos, is the world’s oldest park. This remarkable place is located on a map just 3 km from the capital of Rhodes. There are so many parks around the world, but have you ever imagined how the oldest one looks like?

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First, we need to move one big step back. Precisely 4th – 3rd BC. For archaeology, this park was and still is very important to Greece. It represents the significant parts of the ancient necropolis reaching up to Faneromeni and Karakonero. The curved Lindou Street marks the line to the family tomb dedicated to Ptolemy the 1st. According to tradition, it was a main stage of rhetoric school founded by Aeschines. The pupils list from that period, ouch, pure envy. A figure of speech was practiced by one of the greatest names in the history of man’s public speaking, such as Cicero and Julius Caesar.

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Then, we need to jump into the magic water of the ancient city of Rhodes. Figuratively speaking. There is a water tower which was used as part of water system until the Turkish occupation. Visitors also have the opportunity to sneak a little peek in the era of the Knights, in the place named Pefkakia where was the villa of the Grand Masters of the Knights of Rhodes. Some people say that you can still hear the whisperer’s story about The Knight who killed the dragon.  the oldest park, Greece 10the oldest park, Greece 11

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And finally, the biggest tresor of Rodini Park is its savage nature. In the park there is a small zoo. Passing through this wild beauty, you can see the real fairy tail scenery. A garden of roses indicates the path of the park. The whole environment is ornamented with oleanders, high-sky pines, ancient trees and water flushing through the rocks. Everybody who’s looking for a zen spot, can definitely find it here, because the speechless tranquility offers a unique feeling of relaxation. This sense of peace is confirmed with recreational areas, playgrounds and rest benches. The vegetation of the park helps you to survive a summer heat.

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The main hosts are the famous deer of Rhodes and the peacocks that live freely in the park. They are absolutely willing to make you a company during the walk.

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For those who want to taste something from Hellenistic period, can visit the Rodini park in late August when it plays host to the Rhodes Wine Festival. Unforgettable experience and the original Greek God way of life.

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the oldest park, Greece 14  the oldest park, GreeceOne more reason to visit Greece this year.

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  • Danny Mellema April 14, 2017

    Moco-choco, a writer of tales that pull my interest. I hope I will remember this post when my time for Greece comes, for these truly seems a place of tranquility. Tell me, are these your pictures? They seem as if a fairy. Great writing!

  • brian April 21, 2017

    Thank you, Eupharisto for a lovely stroll.
    (Very different from Rhode Island) 😉

  • Lakshmi Ramesh April 25, 2017

    It looks so beautiful and picturesque!!!


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