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7 Amazing Pink Beaches in The World!

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1. Pink Beach, Komodo National Park Indonesia

beautiful pink beaches Komodo National Park – Indonesia

Pink Beach on Komodo Island is famous for its beautiful pink sand. This color is a mixture of sand from white calcium carbonate and the bright red skeletons of organ pipe corals, which are relatively abundant in certain areas of Komodo National Park. Other pink sand beaches are found in some of the eastern bays on Komodo Island, as well as in southern Padar. Komodo National Park is the real wonder of the world. one of the last frontiers of the underwater world

2. Pink Beach, Harbor Island-Bahamas

beautiful pink beaches Komodo National Park – Indonesia

Pink Sands Beach, Harbor Island is the place to go for natural beauty, elegant resorts and most importantly, three miles of perfectly pink sand and gentle waters. The ocean is ideal for swimming – warm throughout the year and generally calm, protected from the rolling waves of the Atlantic by a coral reef

3. Pink Beach-Bermuda

beautiful pink beaches Bermuda

Pink Beach Bermuda is one of amazing beaches with long stretches of soft sandy powder pink beach. Bermuda might be infamous for mysterious disappearance of more than 100 ships and planes but it has a unforgettable charm. The hidden face of Bermuda, is that it is incredibly gorgeous.

4. Pink Beach, Santa Cruz Island – Philippines

beautiful pink beaches Santa Cruz Island – PhilippinesThe place where you can find pink sand in Zamboanga is on Santa Cruz Island, Philipplines. It is quiet there, and beautiful. There are red corals in the waters around Santa Cruz island. As those red corals age and die off, they form sand that is pink. It is that simple, but it is so very beautiful

5. Budelli Island, Sardinia – Italy

beautiful pink beaches Santa Cruz Island – Philippines

Pink Beach, Budelli Island, North-East Sardinia – Italy. One of the islands of the Archipelago; Budelli has an area of just 1.6 square kilometres. The beach takes name from the particular pink coral colour of the sand, due to the numerous shells and little fragments of red corals. Nowadays no one can reach anymore the beach due to the fact the tourists were taking away the sands, however it can be admired from the sea.

6. Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Island-Caribbean

beautiful pink beaches Caribbean

Pink Beach Bonaire, Caribbean Isalnd. Sunbathe on this pristine, pink-hued sand beach that shelves into shallow crystal clear waters perfect for holiday. Relax beneath one of the palm trees that dot this unspoiled beach and look out for pink flamingos. Wear sandals on the beach to protect your soles from washed-up coral and wear reef shoes or flippers when going for a swim.

7. Lagoon of Balos, Crete – Greece

beautiful pink beaches Crete – Greece

Pink Beach Balos, Crete, is a special beach. It has white and pink sand and many-many seashells – actually, the pink colour of the sand comes from old seashells that have been transformed by the power of the sea. The waters are shallow, crystal-clear and warm. As Balos is a lagoon, swimming there is like swimming in a vast, very picturesque pool!

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