europe's most beautiful people

Where the Most Beautiful People Live?

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Beauty can be many things. It can represent success, a one – way ticket to Hell or Paradise. It can be a divine blessing or a devil’s curse.  But where do the most beautiful people hail from?

Well known question. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? It’s a familiar mantra of Snow White’s evil stepmother. What does this self – perceived attractiveness really mean? And where does it belong?

Keep wondering! Does it belong to Italy? Poland? France? Spain maybe? Who cares?! Especially when we all know where the prettiest people live. Well, for now.

Say ‘’Hola’’ to Venezuela and Spain, to Sweden, Greece, Canada, then wave to USA, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia, Lebanon, Turkey, Philippines, and certainly say ‘’obrigado’’ to Brazil and its carnival,because these 15 destinations are ranked as countries with the most beautiful people in the whole world.

europe's most beautiful people

Reddit’s followers voted which countries have the most attractive people. This Easter break off to Europe leads us to America Latina and many other countries. A very small quote can’t be taken seriously, but a complete domination goes to Sweden where the Euro hotties are hiding. Peek a boo guys!

In the poll, the subreddit asked its followers which countries had the most attractive people.

The following scores for the entire map are : just to confirm, Sweden green light, Cyprus has a mere 1, Vatican symbolic 33, and the UK heartbroken 57 considering that it’s one of the over-populated countries. Do you agree? Hell no. Oh that Reddit…

But there’s more. The Cntraveler, in the Readers’ Choice Awards survey, asked it’s readers to chose the “most beautiful locals’’. The results are shocking. The top ten cities are: Paris, Sydney, Ubud-Indonesia, Venice, Prague, Cape Town, Krabi-Thailand, Rome, Tel Aviv, Barcelona.

Can you imagine Bar Refaeli, Francesco Totti, Urassaya Sperbund, Candice Swanepoel, Karolina Kurkova, Alberto Giuliatto, Dominique Diyose, Ryan Kwanten and Gaspard ‘’oh, la, la ‘’ Ulliel in the spotlight on your birthday party? Well, just sing Jenny Lopez words : ‘’I’m in the spotlight all night, ready to go…’’ What an envy selfie pic and plenty of hashtags on your Instagram profile.

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