Undiscovered Heaven on Earth-Kemerdere Lake, Turkey

Canakkale TRAVEL Turkey

beautiful landscape in TurkeyKemerdere lake, located  near Canakkale province, was the favorite place of Sultan Mehmed. This gorgeous place was little known and what is remarkable is that this lakeside Eden has remained virtually undiscovered , to the extent that hardly any guidebook has ever made reference to it.

lake_kemerdere_Turkey_25Mehmed II or Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror (30 March 1432 – 3 May 1481) was Sultan of the Ottoman Empire twice, first for a short time from 1444 to September 1446, and later from February 1451 to 1481. At the age of 21, he conquered Constantinople and brought an end to the Byzantine Empire, transforming the Ottoman state into an empire. Mehmed continued his conquests in Asia, with the Anatolian reunification, and in Europe, as far as Bosnia and Croatia. Mehmed II is regarded as a national hero in Turkey. (via wikipedia).

beautiful lake in the forest of Kemerdere4

having fun in Lake KemerdereEuth project, barbeque at breathtaking natural landskape in Turkey

jumping to Kemerdere lake, TurkeyThis is like a tale! You can not even describe i t,it’s more than just beautiful!! amazing!!

beautiful lake in Kemerdere, Turkey

awesome natural landscape, lake Kemerdere in Turkey

the largest aqueduct bridge in Turkey

In Roman times an aqueduct brought water to Ilion from a source in the mountainous interior of the Troad. The bridge across the Kemerdere valley is the largest of several bridges on the aqueduct.  It is also among the largest aqueduct bridges in Turkey with a span of 16 m and a water channel elevated 27.5 m above the valley. Evidence for accurate dating is sparse, although the bridge’s construction materials and technique point to the Julio-Claudian or Hadrianic period. The keystone was decorated with a bust which has weathered beyond recognition. The bust may have depicted Apollo Thymbraeus, who supposedly had a nearby sanctuary that was tied to the legendary fall of Troy as the setting for Apollo’s gift of prophecy to Cassandra and Achilles abduction and murder of Troilus.

the largest aqueduct bridge in Turkey 4

breathtaking natural landskape in TurkeyTPicnic time at a magic place where only sultans had access, so fun!

I was in Canakkale with the project ACT! Don’t React!” which took place in Çanakkale/ Turkey between 21-26 June 2013, organized within the framework of the European Program Youth in Action which brought together 19 participants from  Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Greece, Malta, Lithuania, Slovakia and  Turkey  Thanks to this project we had the amazing opportunity to visit this hidden paradise and spend the day in fresh air enjoying the peaceful and relaxing nature.

Euth project, barbeque at breathtaking natural landskape in Turkey Kemerdere village Turkey

Kemerdere village Turkey 2

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