The Oldest Mirror of Love -New Archaeological Findings in Vergina


important archaeological discovery in Vergina, mirrorThe impressive mirror of Eros (love) is one of the most interesting findings unearthed by archaeologists in the archaeological site of Vergina. mirror-of-Eros-found-in-VerginaThe mirror of Eros, a small bronze masterpiece, found in the tomb of a young girl (4th century BC), was a gift from her parents for her one way journey.important archaeological discovery in Vergina, earringsHer parents had buried her along with gold ornaments, earrings and beads, and a small mirror depicting Eros and Dionysus carved on the lid. Eros (Cupid), the young child flies to embrace Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of lust and passion. important archaeological discovery in Vergina, excavations Twenty-one graves were found in the necropolis of Aegae, six of which had not been looted. Vergina is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece and is the place where Alexander the Greats father and son rest in peace. via: ethnos

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