DIY Easter Bunny Tabletop Decor

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diy Felt Easter Bunny Egg CosyLooking for some creative Easter tabletop decor? What about cute bunnies to hide and keep your Easter eggs warm? It’s easy and fun to do! Follow the step by step instructions and enjoy!

To make these Easter bunnies you’ll need:

– Felt

– Black pencil and scissors

– Textile ribbon

– Hot glue

– Bunny template

diy Felt Easter Bunny Egg Cosy template


1. Print out the pattern. Glue the pattern onto a piece of cardboard like a cereal box and cut it out. Now you have a stable template to trace around.

2. Using the template cut two bunnies.

3. Join together the two bunnies with hot glue, but do not glue the ears.

4. Insert a little paper into the head to make it more stable

5. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the bunny

6. Hide the egg inside the bunny and keep it warm until you are ready to eat it 🙂

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