DIY Rainbow Roses

Decoration Easter


Rainbow Roses TutorialIf you have roses on your garden, then this will be cool for you because you wont spend a penny to make them, if not just buy yourself some white roses and get started.

In three different glasses add your favourite food colours and then cut the bottom of the stem in three. The cut should be around 3-4 cm, enough to reach each of the glasses. Let the roses there for 2-3 days and your rainbow roses will be ready!

Note: In some of the roses you can see the colour change within the first hour, but for a better result the stronger the colours. Have fun trying this!

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  • Annie May 7, 2016

    Would this work with black ink? Would really like to make one, all black roses. Would love to hear your results, do they get intense colors or just some pale wannabes?

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