DIY Easter Bunny Napkin Fold

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This creative purple Easter bunny napkin will energize any Easter table!
Bunny Rabbit Napkin Folding Tutorial

It may look complicated but it’s actually really easy to create. You’ll need cotton or linen square napkins. The folding is easier with thin napkins rather than thick ones.

Step 1
Fold starched napkin into thirds to form a rectangle. (If you’re using a square napkin, you’ll need to fold in half, and then fold in half again to get a long rectangular shape.)

Press the napkin with a warm iron afrer each fold

Step 2
Fold the right and left sides up to meet in the center, forming a point at one end. Press the napkin with a warm iron

Step 3
Bring left and right edges together on center line. Press the napkin with a warm iron

Step 4
Fold the side corners in so they meet in the center, but don’t fold exactly straight. Pull up above the center point, and you’ll start to see the ears shape up. The napkin will form a kite shape.

Step 5
Flip upside down and over. Turn up bottom point to form a base

Step 6
Slightly tie a ribbon around it, to hold it together.

Bunny Rabbit Napkin Folding Tutorial 2Et voilà. Bunny napkins to make your heart sing. Now hop to it!

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