unusual hotel in Latvia, Karosta Prison

The Hotel Where The Guest Live Like Prisoners- Karosta Prison, Latvia

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Perhaps you have not stayed in a prison yet. But did you know that it is now possible to experience how it feels in Latvia, in the Karosta Prison. This must be a truly unique experience.unusual hotel in Latvia, Karosta Prison 2

This former KGB prison, built about 1900 and until 1997, has been previously described as hell on Earth. Nobody knows exactly what went down behind the walls of the former Soviet penitentiary but the cast of the US Television Show “Ghosthunters International” called it the site with the most paranormal activity in the world.

unusual hotel in Latvia, Karosta Prison 6It has served as a place where militaies served their terms for breach of discipline.Karosta-Prison-Hotel-Latvia-6Ever since the first years of its existence it has been a place to break people’s lives and suppress their free will. Some even believe that this hotel is a hunted one. Aside from that fact the place is scary enough without considering the spirits found in there. Sound scary? Some people have gathered the courage to spend the night in the prison and most have interesting stories to tell. Anyone feel like spending the night in a prison? Visit the hotel’s website: karostascietums

unusual hotel in Latvia, Karosta PrisonCheck in

What is interesting in the Karosta Prison is that it offers museum tours, special activities, accommodation packages and more. You can try on a gas-mask, the red tie of a young pioneer or buy a genuine soldier’s aluminium spoon. This prison has endured almost no changes since its beginnings in tsar’s times.

So if you decide to stay there, you will get to sleep in a room that is iron made and this will include the iron bars. Each room is very simple. All you see is a bed, a small dresser and toilet. It is just like an actual prison.

unusual hotel in Latvia, Karosta Prison 5

With a closed door, you can eat the meal that prisoners used to eat. However, this will be done once you have signed an agreement regarding their contract conditions about your stay at this hotel. The agreement in staying at the Karosta Prison includes rules like that you should follow their orders and allowing to be insulted and be treated like a prisoner within your stay. As you have signed the contract and you disobey their orders, they will force you to do physical exercise or do the cleaning works.unusual hotel in Latvia, Karosta Prison 3There are some activities less related with a prison and more related with the army, it’s possible to expend 24 hours in a military training ground, there we will live, sleep and eat as the army did in 20th century for a full day, you’ll have to run, to creep, to explore catacombs using a torch, wear gas mask… and other scary things.
I think I could give it a try 🙂 Would you?
But hey, if you think this is brutal, there is really no need for you to stay the full day to feel like you are in a real prison. Remember that this is your choice.


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  • Lise Griffiths February 9, 2014

    Whoah! Sinister stuff – quite an experience I can imagine… I recently visited the house of terror in Budapest and that was also a fascinating and foreboding communist torture house and prison. The stuff of nightmares…

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