Statue of St. Wenceslas riding a dead horse, Prague, Czech Republic

Interesting statues part2: Most unusual statues

world's most beautiful things

Most anusual statues around the world

1. Le Pounce (Thumb Statue) – Paris, France

unusual statues around the world

Le pouce (the thumb), is an artistic creation by renowned French sculptor César Baldaccini. He designed this sculpture in 1965. It weighs 18 tonnes and is 12 meters high.

2. Ku BomJu – Seoul , Korea

World's strangest sculptures

In front of the Bukcheon Museum is the interesting Ku BomJu statue which represents the beautiful culture of Seoul, Korea. Koreans are friendly and hospitable people who believe in sharing is caring.  This statue shows two people sharing their biscuit.

3. Sneaky Photographer- Bratislava, Slovakia

world's most unusual statues

Located in front of Paparazzi restaurant in Bratislava, Slovakia, this interesting man size statue is representing a sneaky photographer ready to snap a photograph anytime. Bratislava is famous for it’s interesting bronze statues including Cumil, or the Watcher, emerging from a manhole and is said to peer up women’s skirts, a Napoleonic soldier resting his forearms on a bench with his backside to the French Embassy on the main square and the bronze photographer, pictured above.

4. De Vaartkapoen – Brussels, Belgium

World's most unusual sculptures

De Vaartkapoen by Tom Franzen stands outside the Communauté Française in Molenbeek. It  is an irreverent tribute to the anarchaic side of the Bruxeloise. The title is a slang term for people born in Molenbeek; “de vaart” means “the canal” and “kapoen” means cheeky. It shows a young rebel, the Vaartkapoen, reminiscent of a jack-in-the-box, toppling over a policeman, thus overthrowing his authority.

5. Violinist Bursting From Floor – Amsterdam, Netherlands

World's most weird statues

The creative statue depicts a violinist bursting out of the floor in the foyer of the muziektheater in the ‘Stopera’ (City Opera House) is an expression of the Amsterdam’s vibrant, irrepressible Jewish community. The community used to be centered in this district before World War II.

6. Headless Musician, Amsertdam

world's most strange statues

Mysteriously standing in Marnix Park in Amsterdam, this statue is of a headless musician. The strange part is that the sculptor is unknown and mysterious. He created the sculptures between 1982 and 1999 and left these beautiful bronze sculptures in places around the city. Speculations say that he was a doctor who crafted sculptors in his spare time. This headless musician carrying a violin case is tipping his hat to onlookers.

7. Monument to Charles La Trobe, Melbourne, Australia

Monument to Charles La Trobe, Melbourne, Australia

8. Monument Workaholic, Los Angeles, USA

world's most interesting unusual sculptures

9. Through the Wall, Montmartre, Paris
world's most anusual statues

 10. Monument Clothespins, Philadelphia, USA

world's most strange statues

11. Monument Supporters, Toronto, Canada

world's strangest statues

12. Piss Statue – Prague

world's most bizarre statues

This controversial statue is crafted by David Cenny. He erected a stature of two naked men staring at each other, their members shift from side-to-side releasing water. The statue is titled “Piss” and is located in Prague. Cerny doesn’t shy away from controversy. Among his other suggestions include a masturbating woman as an installation to the top of a theater in France, complete with a water-shooting man that’ll occasionally douse the crowd.

13.Statue of St. Wenceslas riding a dead horse, Prague, Czech Republic

Statue of St. Wenceslas riding a dead horse, Prague, Czech Republic14. Giant crawls out from the earth by Hungarian Artist Ervin Loranth Herve, Budapest.

unusual statues around the glob, Budapest

This spectacular and huge sculpture titled Feltepve (popped up) was temporarily installed in Budapest’s Zechenyi Square for the Art Market that took place in Budapest in October 2014.

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  • yepirategunn September 24, 2012

    Fabulous – this is art, at last!

  • sarah January 30, 2014

    Koreans are friendly.
    Did you walk around with a blindfold on?
    Did you have bodyguards with you so they didnt bump into you?
    Did you have headphones on so you couldn’t hear them coughing up the shit in their throats and spitting it out on you.
    Koreans are friendly-wake up

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