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unusual hotel in Latvia, Karosta Prison

The Hotel Where The Guest Live Like Prisoners- Karosta Prison, Latvia

TRAVEL world's most unusual

Perhaps you have not stayed in a prison yet. But did you know that it is now possible to experience how it feels in Latvia, in the Karosta Prison. This must be a truly unique experience.unusual hotel in Latvia, Karosta Prison 2This former KGB prison, built about 1900 and until 1997, has been previously described as hell on Earth. Nobody knows exactly what went down behind the walls of the former Soviet penitentiary but the cast of the US Television Show “Ghosthunters International” called it the site with the most paranormal activity in the world.

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World's most interesting festivals, Burning Man

Most Weird Festivals Around the World Part 1

TRAVEL world's most unusual
From rolling cheese in Gloucestershire to wife-carrying in Scandinavia, the world is full of unusual, colorful and totally weird festivals.

1. Up Helly Aa Fire Festival — Lerwick, ScotlandWorld's most interesting festivals, Scotland

When: Last Tuesday in January
Where: Lerwick, Scotland
Why you should go: This is Europe’s largest fire festival, complete with the burning of a full-scale Viking ship

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Beauty treatmens from the past

Beauty Requirs Sacrifice-Weird and Unusual Beauty Tips from History

world's most unusual

Today, to keep the skin glowing women simply need some cream or, in the worst case, a face mask cream and some cucumbers. Back then you had to suffer to look good. Women wore all manner of strange  masks prepared from crushed bugs to human urine  in an attempt to perfect their skin.

This is a list of some of the most weird beauty tips and treatments from history.

weird and unusual beauty tips from the past

How Beauty Procedures Looked In The 1930s-40s

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most interesting walls Berlin

10 “Unusual” but Unique Walls Around the World

TRAVEL world's most unusual

Walls have been built since ancient times, used for marking territory, protection and keeping people from leaving – most walls are at some point in time knocked down, but some remain to tell the story of a time when things were different, when something changed, and to serve as a memory of a long gone past …

1. Chewing Gum Wall, Seattle, US

most interesting walls Seatle 4Seattle’s gum wall is the place for any unwanted chewing gum.

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Homebush Bay unusual floating forest

The Amazing Floating Forest of Sydney

TRAVEL world's most unusual

Everything in life is cyclical, and sometimes it happens that the death of one is the birth of something new.

There are a lot of shipwrecks in Sydney’s Homebush Bay, near the Olympic village, but none quite like the SS Ayrfield, also known as “The Floating Forest” for the lush mangrove vegetation that now covers its rusty hull.

Homebush Bay unusual floating forest

 So it was with the British steamship SS Ayrfield, which for many years was abandoned off the coast of the Olympic Village in Sydney, and its rusty body during this time has become a true mangroves.  The ship was built in Britain in 1911 and was used by the Australian government for the U.S. troops stationed in the Pacific during World War II. It was sold in 1950 and was used to transport coal from Newcastle to Sydney, while in 1972 it was decided not to send it to Sydney Homebush Bay, where it remains to this day.

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beautiful natural wonder Crescent lake China 7

Crescent Lake-Natural Wonder in the Gobi Desert, China

China TRAVEL world's most unusual

Just as oil and water don’t mix, so do springs and deserts. But Crescent Spring is an exception. About 6 kilometers (3.73 miles) south of Dunhuang city, and surrounded by the Echoing-Sand Mountain, Crescent Spring can be called a natural wonder in the Gobi Desert.

beautiful natural wonder Crescent lake China

Some say it reminds them of the eye of a beautiful woman, lucid, beautiful and amorous. Some say it looks like the mysterious, gentle and seductive lips of a pretty woman, or a slice of lush, sweet and crystal cantaloupe. Actually, it resembles a crescent fallen down into this desert. Having been lying among these sand dunes for thousands of years, although given many surprise attacks by sandstorms, Crescent Spring still gurgles clear, and still remains worthy as the first spring in the desert.

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