Things Aristotle got wrong

What Aristotle Got Wrong


The great Aristotle (384 BC322 BC) is the most famous philosopher in the world and he learned from the best. Aristotle left his Politics, Poetics and Metaphysics in heritage, but some of his thoughts were just too much, even for his fans. Here are some of his coucous:

Some people deserve to be slaves!

Things Aristotle got wrong 3

You have bossy people and you have taken orders people who aren’t smart enough to think for themselves. In that case, we can compare them to animals (wrote Aristotle in his Politics ). They can’t be much better.

Things Aristotle got wrong 4

Women are monstrous!

Things Aristotle got wrong

Hm, just wait for a second, I need a deep breath, was he, the best of the best, a misogynist? Let’s hear the explanation.

Men have more teeth than women. Probably Aristotle counted his wife’s teeth, when she still didn’t have her wisdoms, but he didn’t bother to check another woman and made his conclusion? He wanted so badly to find deficiency in woman.

Comparing to men les femmes are deficient, deformed and immature and that makes them even a bit monstrous.

The blood running through men is hotter, so they are practically more perfect and it’s very important to reproduction.  Female participate in reproductions only as a passive element.

Well, I know that I certainly wouldn’t go out with this guy, so maybe it makes me more attractive.

He is also convinced that the state-enforced sharing of women will lead to trouble.

At least he believed that the things that lead to happiness need to be equal for men and women.

However, his last desire was to be buried next to his wife. I am touched.

Eels don’t reproduce!

Have you ever heard that eels don’t have gonads, like at all? How, then, do they reproduce? Aristotle claimed some animals come into being creature just from mud and water. Spontaneously, there’s one puff and here comes the eel.

How bees reproduce?

This man loved the animal, especially bees. He gave them a life cycle, a wrong cycle, but still, a cycle.

Most animals have males and females, but bees come in three types: workers, drones and “leader” bees, our queens. This insect will always represent: hard work, community, communication, dedication, happiness, good fortune, joy fertility, abundance, feminine energy – oopsy!I think that at the moment I am ruining the big bang theory number one.

Love you my bee! Blink, blink.

The eternity of the world.

He thinks that the earth and all the species of animals and plants it contains have been there forever.

The earth is the center of the universe

Things Aristotle got wrong 2

There’s life out there.

Aristotle thought that the sun, moon, planets, and stars, embedded in crystalline spheres, revolve around the earth. The strangest aspect of Aristotle’s cosmology, however, is his conviction that the celestial objects are alive.

Scully, the truth is out there.

Heavy objects fall faster than light objects.

Once upon a time, there were three intelligent men: John Philoponus, Galileo, and Carlo Rovelli. Two of them ( the first ones ) claimed Aristotle was wrong. The second one, however, claimed the opposite. The objects in the Earth’s gravitational field immersed in a fluid such as air.

I just think that Sir Newton would borrow him an apple, or two.

The heart is the organ of reason and intellect.

The function of the brain is to cool the blood.

Things Aristotle got wrong 5

‘’There is no great genius without some touch of madness.’’


However the heritage to humanity of this great philosopher is so important that I can even forgive him being so misogyne.

Aristotle was Alexander the Great’s teacher. Alexander had said about his teacher Aristotle :”I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well”

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