Inspiring Ideas to dye easter eggs

Alternative and Easy Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Decoration Easter

Don’t like traditional ways to dye Easter Eggs? Here are some alternative and fun ideas to dye Easter eggs. Happy Easter!

Nail Polish Marbleized Easter Eggs

Color easter eggs with nail polishYou will need nail polish in any color you like, stick for stirring, water, paper towel and gloves. Easy and super fun.

For the directions visit–>camillestyles

  DIY Marbled Indigo Easter Eggs

If you want to use only one nail polish color you will have the following result

Color easter eggs with nail polish 2

For the directions visit–>aliceandlois

Dye Easter Eggs With Rice & Food Coloring

Color easter eggs with rice

What you’ll need:

Tupperware Bowls, Long Grain Rice,Food  Coloring, Hard Boiled Eggs

For the directions visit–>itallstartedwithpaint

Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs

Color easter eggs with shavin creamWhat you’ll need:

shaving cream (that comes out as cream, not gel), Neon food coloring, Cookie sheet, Straw, Gloves.

For the directions visit–>craftymorning

Ombre Easter Eggs

Easy Colorful Easter Eggs

Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

Gold Leaf Eggs

Inspiring Ideas to dye easter eggsThese eggs were colored in traditional way but a layer of gold leaf takes the holiday classic to the next level.

Natural Egg Dyeing

Color easter eggs naturallyIf you are looking for a natural way to dye your Easter Eggs then visit  babble for a the simple Step by step Guide to Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

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