strange inventions from the past, micrometer

Most Weird Inventions People Used in The Past

world's most unusual

These weird and wacky creations might be ridiculous, but they’re fun to look and laugh at.

1. Portable TV, 1967

strange old timey inventions, portable tv

2. The Dimple Maker, 1936 by Isabella Gilbert of Rochester, N. Y.

strange old timey inventions, dimple maker

3. The Poker Face Mask

strange old timey inventions, poker mask

4.  Breast Washer 1930, France.

ok….no comments

strange old timey inventions, Breasts washer

image credit: gizmodo

5. Goofybike. The family bicycle equipped with a sewing machine for mom (Oct, 1939) by Charles Steinlauf.

It carries the whole Steinlauf family. The inventor rides at the top and guides the contraption by means of a huge automobile steering wheel.strange inventions from the past, family bike

6. Hangover Heaven (Apr, 1947). An icemask which promised to beat hangovers

weird beauty treatmens from the past 7Hangover Heaven is the apt name of the unusual bonnet at right. Originally developed by makeup man Max Factor for the benefit of actresses who wish to refresh their faces on hot studio sets without spoiling their makeup, the facial ice pack was quickly diverted to another purpose by festive Hollywoodians. The headpiece, adorned with water-filled plastic cubes, is kept in the refrigerator while the water freezes.

7. Portable sauna

strange inventions from the past, sauna


8. The Isolater which helped writers focus by blocking out all sights and sounds, 1925

strange inventions from the past, isolator

9. A toilet mask that bleached skin to remove “imperfections”

strange inventions from the past, toilet mask

10. The Baby Cage let city kids get fresh air… by hanging out of a window


11. A terrifying swim mask from the 1920s

strange inventions from the past, swim mask


12. Face protection from snowstorms, Canada 1939

strange inventions from the past, cone face

13. Beauty micrometer, 1933.
This “beauty micrometer” let users know where makeup needed to be applied, 1937
Even beauty may now be reduced to cold, hard figures, according to the inventors of a device that is said to record the contours of a face with thousandth-of-an-inch accuracy. Beauty shops might use the device, the inventors say, to learn how to change their customers’ features. In the inventors’ opinion, the following measurements are ideal: nose, same length as the height of forehead; eyes, separated by a space the width of one eye.

strange inventions from the past, micrometer

14. The Baby Dangler

strange inventions from the past, baby dangler

15. Car With Shovel For Pedestrians, Paris 1934

strange inventions from the past, people scooper

16. The Scalp Molester – a massager made up of 480 articifical fingers

strange inventions from the past, scalp molester

17. The Pack Smoker, 1955

strange old timey inventions, pack smoker

18. Clamps that helped to teach your kid to walk, 1939

strange old timey inventions, kid walk

19. A box that blasted your head with ultraviolet rays in hopes of curing diseases


20. Radio Hat made by an American inventor in 1931.

strange old timey inventions, radio hat

21. Bikes for your feet

strange old timey inventions, bikes

22. Motorized roller skates, 1961

strange old timey inventions, roller skates

23. Amphibious Bicycle

Buoys used as bicycle wheels do not an amphibious vehicle make, but this guy tried with ‘Cyclomer‘ in Paris, 1932. Too bad there’s not a picture of him trying to actually use it in the water.

strange old timey inventions, Amphibious Bicycle


24. A depressing hair growth hat that supposedly cured baldness

strange old timey inventions, hair growth

25. A massive automatic hair dryer

Beauty treatmens from the past 6

26. Another hair dryer, 1940

strange old timey inventions, hair dryer

27. Revolver that took a photo every time it was fired, New York 1938

strange old timey inventions, photo revolver

28. Tiny umbrella for smoking on a rain day


29. TV glasses decades before Google Glass, 1960s

strange old timey inventions, glasses

30. Tanning vending machines, which provided people with a 30 second spray for ten cents, 1930


31. The single-wheeled motorcycle,  1931. Invented by Italian M. Goventosa de Udine. Maximum speed 150km/hour.


32. Hair permer, 1930

Beauty treatmens from the past

33. Inflatable life vests made from old tires

strange old timey inventions, life vest

34. Wooden Swimsuits, 1929

strange old timey inventions, wooden swimsuits


35. Russian Tsar Tank, 1914 Moscow

strange old timey inventions, tankIts two front spooked wheels were nearly 9 meters (27 feet) in diameter; the back wheel was smaller, only 1.5 meters (5 feet) high, triple wheel, to make sure maneuverability. The higher cannon steeple stretched to nearly 8 meters high. The hull was 12 meters wide with two more cannons in the sponsons. Extra weapons were also premeditated beneath the front. Each wheel was powered by a 250hp shaft engine. The enormous wheels were designed to overcome rough terrain. However, due to miscalculations of the weight, the back wheel was prone to be stuck in soft ground and swamps, and the front wheels didn’t have enough power to pull it out. This led to a fiasco of tests before the high commission in August 1915. The tank was abandoned in the same location where it was tested, some 60 kilometers from Moscow until 1923, when it was finally taken apart for scrap.

via: hague6185

36. Trainer for shooting from aircraft machine gun, 1914 Russia

strange old timey inventions, trainer for shooting

37. Robot policeman, 1967

strange old timey inventions, Robot policeman

38. Flying sanitary unit in Mukden, 1905

strange old timey inventions, Flying sanitary 39. Tsar Nikolai’s II Car with skates, 1917

strange old timey inventions, car with scates40. Chester E. McDuffee’s patented diving suit, 1911

strange old timey inventions, diving suitscary no?

41. This weapon was invented for hunting in the water, but it was soon banned due to inefficiency, 1800s.  Wonder why….

strange old timey inventions, weaponvia:  me-lamazo.livejournal, weburbanist


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