Lindos, best places to visit in Rhodes

Lindos-Rhodes Island, One The Most Beautiful Places In Greece

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The picturesque authentic village of Lindos is an absolute must-see when you visit Rhodes. Located 45 km away from Rhodes town, in a wonderful private golf with fabulous sandy beaches.

Lindos-Rhodes-Island-Greece-2I drove from the Rhodes town for an hour and…. there it was -beautiful, amazing, breath taking-not much more to say…. it took my breath away. Totally worth the drive!

Lindos, best places to visit in RhodesLindos is a small town with cobblestone streets and white houses leaning towards the sea, so walking around on foot is a decent option. However, as Lindos is built on the side of a steep hill, the roads can be quite difficult, and climbing up to the acropolis is definitely an effort. There are two alternatives. A bus or a taxi will bring you down from the main arrival bus stop outside the center of the city to a square closer to the sea – it’s not far, but quite a change in elevation. If you wish to go on top of the acropolis, you can rent a ride on a donkey for € 5 each way.

Donkeys at Lindos, Rhodes
If you want to burn off some calories walk the hill from the beach to lindos village every day and you’ll be like Kate Moss by the end of your hoilday…I took a taxi!

Lindos, best places to visit in Rhodes 7I highly recommend going there, though, if you’re looking for beautiful scenery, Greek tradition,plenty of sunshine and stunning roof top restarants/bars views. The charm of this village is maintained by a preservation order which forbids any unauthorised building work to change it. The houses are small, whitewashed and sit beautifully on the hillside making it one of the most beautiful places on the island.

Lindos, best places to visit in Rhodes 5
Definitely worth seeing, but take care! The scenery is breathtaking so is the heat! It’s the hottest place in Rhodes particularly in July and August when temperatures exceed the 40 degree mark!

Lindos, best places to visit in Rhodes 6

Lindos, best places to visit in Rhodes 2Lindos, best places to visit in Rhodes 3Lindos, best places to visit in Rhodes 4Lindos however is not just a famous holiday resort it is also a place of great historical interest. Whether you decide to take a flight of steps yourself or give a try to the donkey ride to ascend on the Acropolis this is something worth seeing from both an archeological perspective as well as for the stunning views offered. The village has many historic houses (known as “Captains” houses) often dating from 16th, 17th or 18th century.

Lindos, best places to visit in Rhodes 9The Acropolis does not initially betray its Hellenistic origins because it has been surrounded by a strong fortification in the Middle Ages by the Knights of St John that used to occupy the island. However once you are inside you will be able to admire the propylaean ruins, the sanctuary of Athena, the Byzantine church of St John and the ruins of an ancient theater situated on the slope below the Acropolis. And if you are not interested in all this just have your camera ready to capture perhaps one of the best sceneries you will ever see in your life!

Lindos, best places to visit in Rhodes 8
Legend has it that the village was set up by one of the divine sons of Zeus. It was in fact established by Dorians around 1000BC.

Pink Floyd have been visiting Lindos since the early 1970s, and David Gilmour still has a house here.

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