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Natural Wonder-Blue Cave of Kastellorizo, Greece


There are many sea caves in the world but possibly nothing compares with the unparralel beauty of the Blue Cave of Kastellorizo.Beautiful Cave in Greek island 2Just Paradise!

Situated in Europe’s easternmost point, in the tiny Greek island of Megisti (Kastellorizo), the famous Aqua-colored Cave of Kastellorizo is one of the rarest geological phenomena and one of the most amazing formations on Earth. This panoramic sea cave is also known with the name “Parastas hole” or “Fokiali” – due to the seals ( fokia ) that once lived inside. Today the cave is the shelter of an old lonely seal.

Beautiful Cave in Greek island 5A small entrance ( barely one metre high above sea level) allow only small boats to pass through and leads into a mysterious 75  m long, 25–30 m wide, and 20–25 m high cave.

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Beautiful Cave in Greek island 3The crystal clear waters and cave walls are illuminated in bright blue from the natural sunlight peeking through this tiny entrance.Beautiful Cave in Greek island 6 Beautiful Cave in Greek island 7 Beautiful Cave in Greek island 8Despite the fact that the cave is larger than the synonymous Crotta Azzura cave of Capri (Italy) and that even Victor-Emmanuel the King admitted it is superior to Crotta Azzura when he visited it in 1929 , still its an unknown gem. Yet the few that can make it there will admit the blue cave is the greatest “blue addiction” someone can get in his life. The stillness, the acoustics, the stalactites and the colour combined to make a magical atmosphere.Beautiful Cave in Greek islandThe full tour to Blue Grotto takes approx. 45 minutes.
For a private tour you will have to pay EUR 15. If you go with a random group, it will be EUR 10.

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