world's most expensive things

World’s most expensive things part 1

world's most expensive

1. TV PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition: 2,270,000 USD.

world's most expensive things

The new PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition is cased with 28 kilograms of solid 18ct rose gold. The frame has been decorated with 72 1ct diamonds and Sunstone and Amethysts in between. The inner frame has been made from hand stitched alligator leather.

2. World’s most expensive painting “The Card Players”,1892/93 by Paul Cézanne: 250 million USD.

world's most expensive painting Paul Cézanne
The Card Players by Paul Cézanne, sold for $250 million in 2011 by George Embiricos to Royal Family of  Qatar, is currently the most expensive painting ever sold.

This is the last version of this famous composition by Paul Cézanne still in private hands. The fabulous psychological intensity in the faces of the players make this painting a masterpiece of post-impressionist art.
more at theartwolf

3. World’s most expensive cupcake is coated in edible 23 carat gold sheets: 27,000 USD

world's most expensive things

With an aim to redefine the cupcakes in the Gulf, by baking cupcakes that tastes as good as it looks, Bloomsbury’s, a boutique cafe has now unveiled what is described as the world’s most expensive ‘edible’ cupcake, The Golden Phoenix, at the official opening of its new franchise at The Dubai Mall in Dubai. Taking more of a realistic approach, Bloomsbury’s presented this expensive edible cupcake using the real meaning of the words ‘let them eat cake’, rather than encrusting it with diamonds to make it ultra-expensive and not eatable.

4.  World’s Most Expensive iPhone 5 case by UUnique London: 302,985 USD

world's most expensive things

Mischa Barton presented the ultimate bling-accessory, the $302,985 London Lotus iPhone case at an exclusive event held at Kensington Road Gardens, London. It is now officially the ‘world’s most expensive iPhone 5 case,’ the title which was earlier held by the $100,000 iPhone 5 case from The Natural Sapphire Company.

5. French clock by Abraham-Louis Bréguet is the world’s most expensive clock at 6.8 million USD.

world's most expensive things

Invented back in 1795, the rare Sympathique clock which was a master carriage clock which rewinds and sets to time detachable pocket watch, actually helped cement name of Abraham-Louis Breguet as a noted French horologist. In his lifetime, this founder of the Swiss luxury watch company Bréguet was considered the leading watchmaker of his day with clientele including European nobility. Notably, the Sympathique clocks were variously commissioned by the Spanish and Russian crown, Napoleon and by Britain’s King George IV. Now, one of only about a dozen Sympathiques known to exist, the Duc d’Orléans Breguet Sympathique developed by horologist Abraham-Louis Breguet back in 1835 got sold for whopping $6.8 million, to become the world’s most expensive clock. Originally estimated auctioneer Sotheby’s to sell for $5 million, this particular clock was last auctioned back in year 1999 by the Time Museum in Rockford, Illinois, U.S., for a record price of $5,777,500.

6. Haute Joaillerie Watch from Chopard: 25 million USD

world's most expensive things

The watch that  looks more like a ring than a watch,  has 201 carats of pink, blue, and white diamonds, including a 15-carat, heart-shaped pink diamond, a 12-carat, heart-shaped blue diamond, and an 11-carat, heart-shaped white diamond. The hearts spring open to expose the yellow diamond-studded watch face. The bracelet has 163 carats of white and yellow pear-shaped diamonds.

7.  $1 million bra by Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers

world's most expensive things

Do you like it? If yes you can have it for only 1 million!!!!

Moulded out of 18 carat gold and encrusted in 500 carats of diamonds, the $1 million solid-gold brasserie at the Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers, which took over three months to design and took a crew of 40 workers almost a full year to make, is much more than just an article of clothing. The major design difference between the million-dollar Victoria’s Secret bras is that retailer’s designer bras have ‘fabric’ in them and the diamonds are kind of embellished into the fine fabric. Whereas, this particular gold bra created by the jewelry store owner Anthony Aubry, sports no fabric at all, as it’s crafted out of 750 grams of solid gold.

8. Most expensive royal shoes: Marie Antoinette’s slippers sell for $65,600

world's most expensive things

Born as archduchess of Austria, Marie Antoinette, the Dauphine of France from 1770 to 1774 and Queen of France and Navarre from 1774 to 1792, is historically known for help provoking the popular unrest leading to the French Revolution and to the overthrow of the monarchy in August 1792, in part of her famous quote addressing starving French populace, ‘Let them eat cake’. And, following the French revolution, she was convicted to treason and executed by a guillotine in France on October 16th 1793. Now, on the anniversary of the 18th Century French queen Marie Antoinette’s execution, a pair of green-and-pink slippers have been auctioned for $65,570, to become one of the world’s most expensive shoes.

9. A $500,000 diamond heel is the world’s most expensive shoe

world's most expensive things

For the high-end shoe lovers who treasure their shoes, Kathryn Wilson, New Zealand’s most successful footwear designer, has teamed up with Sarah Hutchings of Orsini Fine Jewellery to create the world’s most expensive shoe.  The single classic court-heeled shoe features more than half a million dollars’ worth of white diamonds to make it a one-of-a-kind work of art. The process involved hours of surgeon-like precision using tweezers and a special adhesive.

10.World’s Most Expensive Black Diamond Dress:  5.6 million USD

world's most expensive things

From altar to editorial, runway to red carpet; the next chapter for Debbie Wingham, Britain-based designer who started her fashion career at the age of 13, got written with the glamorous unveiling of her latest creation at the Ukraine Fashion Week, which has been described as ‘The World’s most expensive Black Diamond Dress.’ This young and famous designer who lives and breathes her trade, created the ultra-pricey $5.7 million Black Diamond Dress using 50 stunning two-carat black diamonds. Debbie, who herself sewed this dress that weighs a staggering 13kg’s and boasts as above 6 months’ worth of hand finished detail, has described it as “an anthem for a beautiful women who loves life.”

11. World’s most expensive engagement ring: 5 million USD.

the most expensive things in the world

Jay Z known for his extravagant lifestyle, opened his heart out as he sought the consent of Beyonce. He presented her a 20 carat ring on the engagement. We were bedazzled with the shine of the 18 carat diamond that formed its center.

I do!!!!!!!!! (only with such ring )

12. Charles Hollander Chess Set:  600.000 USD.

world's most expensive chess set

The set was studded with 320 carats of black and white diamonds and two kilograms of 14 carat white gold.

13. Most Expensive iPad Mini Case :   700,000 USD

world's most expensive items

Apple’s exclusively-new iPad Mini  Case is encrusted in dazzling sapphires and diamonds.

14. World’s most expensive car Ferrari 250 GTO: 35 million USD.

world's most expensive items

This 1960 make of the Ferrari 250 GTO is rumored to have been sold by the Dutch-born businessman Eric Heerema to US-based classic car collector Craig McCaw for 35.000.000 $

Just 36 Series I cars were ever built, making it one of the rarest supercars ever produced and features a 3.0 liter V12 engine producing 300hp and a five-speed manual transmission.

15. The world’s most expensive camera 1923 Leica:  2.8 million USD.

most expensive things in the world

The Rare 1923 Leica camera — built in 1923 -was recently sold for a staggering $2.8 million!

16. Wordls’ most Expensive Piano:  3.22 million USD

wordl's most expensive Crystal Piano

The Heintzman Crystal Piano, a nine-foot piano made by Heintzman Piano in Beijing was recently purchased at auction by a private bidder for a record $3.22 million.

17. World’s most expensive cigar: 115,000 USD


Gurkha Black Dragon cost about $115,000 for a pack, and making it the most expensive cigar of the world. It is made up of exclusive Honduran blend with select fillers. This was a very, very limited edition, as only 5 hand-carved camel bone boxes of 100 cigars were produced. The cigar’s blend was made from extremely old and rare tobaccos collected from all over the world.

world's most expensive items

18.  World’s most expensive motorcycle “Million Dollar Harley”  by Jack Armstrong: 1 million USD

world's most expensive motorcycleOn October 21, 2010, artist Jack Armstrong’s million-dollar Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson was unveiled at Bartels Harley-Davidson in Marina Del Rey, California. At $1,000,000, this is the world’s first and only million-dollar Harley.

19.  World’s most expensive bicycle Butterfly Trek Madone bike by Damien Hirst: 500.000 USD

the most expensive things in the world

Designed by renowned British Artist Damien Hirst and ridden by Lance Armstrong during the 2009 Tour de France, the Butterfly Trek Madone bike was auctioned off at Sotheby’s, raising $1.3 million for the Texan’s Livestrong charity. The bike was sold for $500,000, which makes it the most expensive bike in the world. Real butterfly wings were used in the making.

20. World’s most expensive photograph Rhein II: 4, 338,500 USD

the most expensive things in the world

Is this photo of the Rhine River on a cloudy day worth more than $4.3 million? One well-to-do collector seems to think so.

The image, which captures the silvery river, planked on either side by lush green grass under an overcast sky, became the world’s priciest picture on Tuesday when it was auctioned at Christie’s for a price of $4,338,500.

Hope you enjoyed but if you do see someone with one of these, make sure and give them a good slap from me!!!!

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  • Sofie February 2, 2013

    Awesome post! I enjoyed all the ridiculousness that people are willing to spend their money on.

    – Sofie

  • World’s most expensive things part 2 « mocochocodotcom February 2, 2013

    […] Featuring a trademark light blue color, the Chopard Blue Diamond Ring is one of the most expensive in the world at $16.26 million. The oval-shaped blue diamond is surrounded by white diamonds and set on an 18-carat white gold band via: ranker 30. World’s most expensive wine D’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme liquor: 44 million USD World’s most expensive wine that is created in association with Liverpool-based Stuart Hughes and Italian distillery Antica Distilleria Russo is called D’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme. The flawless design of the bottle that is adorned with three single cut diamonds (13 carats) on the neck has made it one of the most expensive wines in the world. One of the rarest diamonds is set on the body of the bottle that alone weighs 18.5 carats and the bottle costs whooping $ 44 million. No way!!!! 44 million for this bottle of wine??????????? Totally crazy! via: bornrich For more unbelievably expensive items you can visit  part1 […]

  • Anonymous June 11, 2014

    i love the most expennnnsive shoe

  • Jack Armstrong August 11, 2014

    THE WORLDS MOST EXPENSIVE BICYCLE IS: “COSMIC STAR-CRUISER” ART-BIKE from Artist JACK ARMSTRONG, PRICED AT 1 MILLION DOLLARS, (it doubles the Hirst bike price) & WILL BE EXHIBITED OCT. 3-5th at “BIG BOYS TOYS U.A.E” LUXURY EVENT IN DUBAI. The Armstrong Cosmic Harley Motorcycle Fetched 3 Million Dollars in 2012.

  • Anonymous May 5, 2015

    Why are people so so………… STUPID

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