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Most weird and wonderful hotels part3

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21. Dog Bark Park Inn – Cottonwood, Idaho

bizarre hotels

Dog Bark Park Inn of Cottonwood, Idaho is a bed & breakfast guesthouse inside what is, quite clearly, a giant beagle. He’s called Sweet Willy. Guests enter the body of Sweet Willy from a private deck on the second story; his head is a loft room and there is even an additional sleeping space in the muzzle! The owners have left no stone unturned in their quest for the true all-encompassing canine experience; some of the dog’s decorative furnishings are carvings created by the hotels resident ‘chainsaw artists’


It costs $92 a night based on double occupancy, and that price includes breakfast.

unusual hotel

22. Kumbuk River Resort-Buttala, Sri Lanka

The World's Quirkiest Hotels

This VIP villa is unlike any other and the fact that it’s shaped like an elephant is just the whimsical cherry on top of the cake! You’ll find it in Dambeyaya, a sleepy farming village in south-west Sri Lanka.

Made by village workers using local resources, the elephant can sleep up to 10 people. Oh, and there’s no electricity inside. You can explore the Kumbukkan Oya riverfront or go trekking in nearby Yala National Park, and tours to beach resorts and ancient cities can also be arranged.

It’s not just riverside relaxing and (real) elephant-spotting though; you’ll learn how to protect Sri Lanka’s bio-diversity and will receive tips on how to overcome the perils of city living. You might even plant a tree or two, and should return home feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Guests can enjoy some peace and quiet in the elephant’s stomach

23. Madonna Inn– California, USA

The World's Quirkiest Hotels

At first, the Madonna Inn sounds like a normal moderately upscale property near San Luis Obispo, Calif., boasting a “state-of-the-art” fitness center, a luxury spa, a pool and more than 20,000 square feet of meeting space. But Madonna Inn guests have atypical hotel experiences. Each room possesses its own unique character and thematic décor. Feeling like a trip to the Alps? Reserve the Swiss Chalet. Are you the jean-wearing, down-on-the-range American? Try the Mountain Cabin and curl up on the rustic couch. The inn’s 110 unique rooms ensure that returning guests will be completely surprised on the following visit.

24. The TreehotelHarads, Sweden

unusual hotelThe innovative designs of these luxury treehouses blow the minds of every visitor that is lucky enough to perch in them among the Swedish forest.Perching in the Swedish woods, these architectural marvels mix a childhood concept with incredible designs. You can stay in a room camouflaged by branches called The Bird’s Nest, a space with walls made of mirrors which reflect the woodland surroundings that’s appropriately named the Mirrorcube or several other one-of-a-kind lodges. With their own tree houses, visitors get a unique and isolated experience.

25. La Balade des Gnomes- Durbuy, Belgium

bizarre hotel

La Balade des Gnomes brings fairytale accommodations to an unassuming farm in the Belgian countryside. Although all of the rooms are eclectic, bizarre and wonderful, visitors will most enjoy dozing off in the property’s own Trojan Horse. You can stay in the wonderfully twisted interior of this wooden animal. Curving staircases and rustic furnishings complete the inside’s quirky aesthetics.

26. Hotel Everland-Paris, France


bizarre hotelHotel Everland is a project by the artist duo L/B, and is basically a transportable, one room hotel that is lifted up and put down again somewhere wacky! Its one room includes a bathroom, a king-size bed and a lounge. It is supposed to embody all those things that make a hotel so special: fabulous architecture, quirky details, and even a suggestion that guests steal the gold embroidered bath towels. But the best thing is surely the location; the lake of Neuchantel, the roof of L/B’s studio and the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig are just a few of the places that the hotel has cooled its boots. everland_hotel_pari_france_TheSuiteWorld

You can only book the hotel for one night, there’s a fully-stocked mini bar and there’s a record collection for midnight dancing. In the daytime, the hotel is very much a free-for-all tourist attraction; at the Museum of Contemporary Art, visitors could take a peek during the daytime hours, before guests turned in for the night.

27.  Hotel de Glase-Canada

bizarre hotel

This unique hotel is only open during the wintertime because it is made almost completely of ice. Ice sculptures, interior designers, and builders use tons of ice and snow to build this unique hotel early in the winter. De Glase accepts guests from January through late March. Everything is made from ice, except for heated washroom areas. From furnishings to tables to even the glasses that guests drink out of, ice is everywhere at this very unique hotel.

28. Kolarbyn Eco Lodge-Sweden

most unusual hotels

This Swedish hotel is nothing like a five-star twenty-floor resort hotel. It sits in a quiet forest and consists of a number of separate cabins and huts that are made from wood and earth. These small venues are comfortable, but rather basic. The forest huts have fireplaces and sheepskin rugs. Water must be accessed from a nearby fresh spring. The cabins at Kolarbyn offer a few more comforts and more spacious interiors. The rustic design and remote location make this an ideal hotel for people who want something completely different from the norm.

29. Capsule Hotels-Japan

most unusual hotels

This is a style of hotel that is found throughout Japan’s largest cities, especially in Tokyo. Space is at a premium, so capsule hotels have become a cheap alternative to regular hotels. Basically, these small rooms, consisting of a bed and little else, can be rented for a couple thousand Yen per night. Each capsule hotel “room” can accommodate one person. They were actually made popular by Japanese commuters in Tokyo who missed their train home at night and had to spend the night in the city and only needed a bed to sleep in and little else. However, now, budget travelers and tourists seeking a thoroughly unique experience choose this type of hotel instead of a more-modern one.

30. Palacio de Sal-Uyuni, Bolivia

world's most unusual and bizarre hotels Palacio_de_Sal_Hotel_Potosi_In_Bolivia

Palacio de Sal Hotel & Spa, newly remodeled and unique in the world, is completely built in salt. Walls, floors, ceilings, and most of the furniture too – chairs, tables and beds are all made of salt. There is also a 9-hole salt golf course designed by Christian Pensu. You’ll also see stunning sunsets (you’re 3650m above sea level), with an amazing backdrop of the mountain ranges in the distance.

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