world's most unusual and weird hotels

Most weird and wonderful hotels part1

TRAVEL world's most unusual

1. Hotel La Montaña Mágica, Huilo Huilo, Chile

world's most unusual and weird hotels

The Montana Magica Lodge Hotel Huilo Huilo- a nature reserve in Chile that provides you a wonderful experience of spending some fabulous moments of your life under natural looking waterfall.

most unusual and bizarre hotels

Huilo Huilo natural reserves are also full of beautiful surroundings those are equally loved by the tourists. The hotel also features mini gold, restaurant, reading room and a bar alongside a playroom for the children. Hotel_Huilo_Huilo_interior Hotel_Huilo_Huilo_interior2

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2. Hotel Costa Verde  in a Boeing 727,  Costa Rica

world's most unusual and weird hotels

The above photo may at first glance look like a crash landing in the jungle, but it is actually a hotel suite at the Costa Verde Resort. Tucked away in the Manuel Antonio National Park rainforest of Costa Rica, this retired 1965 Boeing 727, now the 727 Fuselage Home, has been given a new lease on life as a jungle getaway.

world's most unusual and weird hotels

While the suite is somewhat rustic in appearance from the outside, its all jungle-style luxury on the inside. Costa Rican teak paneling covers the entire interior, from the cockpit to the tail, so that it has a “cabin” feel of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse sort. The spacious plane is divided into a master and secondary bedroom, each with private bathrooms, a TV lounge, a kitchenette, and a dining foyer. Keeping with the hardwood theme, all the furnishings are hand-carved teak from Java. One of the coolest features is definitely the wing balcony. This hardwood, covered balcony is accessible through the right wing emergency exit, and affords amazing views of the ocean, as well as other jungle residents such as toucans, monkeys, and sloths.

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3. Holiday Inn Hotel Key Card– Manhattan, New York.

world's most unusual and weird hotels

This unusual hotel was built from 200,000 card keys. It consists of a guest room, a bathroom and a hallway.  Each room and every wall, even the toilets, are made of card keys.  Hotel Key Card was built by Bryan Berg, who has a world record in building a house of cards.

world's most unusual and weird hotels



hmmm… It doesn’t seem to be very comfortable

4. The Magnum Chocolate Hotel Suite-Paris

world's most unusual and weird hotels

Karl Lagerfeld has designed a hotel made entirely of chocolate.

This eccentric designer has created “The Magnum Chocolate Hotel Suite” to celebrate the launch of Magnum Ecuador and Ghana ice creams, which are made with specially selected cocoa beans sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in Ecuador and Ghana. Using 10.5 tonnes of chocolate, it includes a chocolate sculpture of French male model, Karl’s muse, Baptise Giabiconi, draped seductively on the chocolate bed

5. Friend Hotel- Dnepropertrovsk, Ukraine.

world's most unusual and weird hotels

Located near Orel’s riverbank, 18 miles away from the city of Dnepropertrovsk in the Ukraine, the Friend Hotel is steeped in a lush and green forest. Before its construction, Ryntovt Design did an extended ecological analysis taking into account the local resources and energy of the area. The interior spaces are harmonious with the beautiful outdoors, and only “ecologically harmless materials” like clay, reed, wood, and shell stone, were used in construction.

6. Sand hotel-Weymouth beach in Dorset, UK.

world's most unusual and weird hotels sand_hotel

They have the sun, the sand, and the sea, but you can’t get much more of the beach where they’ve also got the world’s largest and only sand castle hotel, made entirely of sand on Weymouth beach in Dorset, UK.

The open air family room with a sea-side view has a double and a single bed made of sand which will set you back a mere $21 (£10) a night to sleep under the starry skies. You can wake up to the ocean when the “tide laps through the door.”

7. The Xiang Xiang Pray House-Changski, China


 world's most unusual and weird hotels

world's most unusual and weird hotels

The Xiang Xiang Xiang Pray House hotel located in a hill in Changski, China is a five-star hotel built out of 35 shipping containers. Designed by the Tonghe Shanzi Landscape Design company, the hotel covers 5,000 square meters.  Looking like a drab shipping container village from the outside, the hotel oozes luxurious design inside its twenty-one cozy guest rooms. Each room is fitted with traditional Chinese décor, skylights, high-design furniture and more!

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8. Tubo Hotel-Sierra del Tepozteco, Mexico.

 world's most unusual and weird hotelsDesigned by t3arc, the recycled pipe TuboHotel accommodates two people in a queen-size bed with panoramic views of the Sierra del Tepozteco, Mexico. The goal in designing the modular hotel was to build fast and affordable accommodation. Located in a wooded setting of unusual features, the surrounding environment provides a unique natural environment.

9. V8 Hotel– Stuttgart Meilenwerk, Germany

world's most unusual and weird hotels

Sleeping in cars takes on a whole new meaning with a wacky twist for collector car themed rooms at a hotel in Germany for the auto-obsessed, where you’ll find anything from the classics, sports cars, a Mercedes-Benz car wash, 70′s Cadillac drive-in cinema, and even a Morris Minor garage — all cleverly designed with many original parts from the automotive world.

world's most unusual and weird hotels

Mercedes-Benz Carwash themed room

Located in the center of Stuttgart’s Meilenwerk — a German international hub for car dealers — the V8 Hotel is built inside the city’s first airport in Baden-Württemberg, where the hotel also has a suite built on 3 levels within the building’s former control tower.

For those with deep pockets, the top-of-the-line 120sqm Zeppelin Suite featuring a sauna, terrace and landscape views over the old airport grounds will set you back about $489 a night.

world's most unusual and weird hotels

The 4-star hotel incorporates 34 themed rooms designed with chic details and antique accessories, and the car theme continues from the lobby through to the restaurant. There is plenty to rev the motor up by auto enthusiasts, travelers, and truckers alike.

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10. Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton, Canadaworld's most unusual and weird hotels This hotel, located in “North America’s largest shopping and entertainment centre” offers 120 fantasy themed rooms. This doesn’t exactly mean that there are 120 themes to choose from, but your options are certainly not limited. When the hotel first opened in 1986, they only had five of these themes, but as the hotel grew in popularity, they continued to add new themes, arriving at the current number of 11.

The list of the available themes: Hollywood, Roman, Polynesian, African, Truck, Western, Victorian Coach, Arabian, Igloo, Canadian Rail, and Sports

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