Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

world's most expensive

1. Aragawa Restaurant in Tokyo – U.S. $ 600

world's most expensive restaurnats

Aragawa, located in Tokyo is the most expensive restaurant in the world. Aragawa restaurant only serves one entrée; steak. The restaurant have private farm and serve the steak with pepper and mustard only. That particular steak can and will cost you around $600 per person. For the past three years, this place has been the most expensive restaurant.

The most expensive restaurant in the world

2. Masa Restaurant in New York City– U.S. $ 400-500

The most expensive restaurant in NYC

Tiny Masa,located at the Time Warner Center in New York, is the most expensive restaurant in the fashionable mall in one of the world’s biggest city. The chef himself will welcome you, as he does to every guest who enters the restaurant’s wooden door. The restaurant can accommodate up to 26 guests at a time, and this exclusive clientele will be treated to Masa’s specialties, like its foie gras hotpot and wild watercress tempura. The fish used by the chef are all flown in from Japan. Truffles and other expensive exotic ingredients are also used. Reservation is a must, as there is usually a waiting period of up to three weeks

3. Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee in Paris – U.S. $ 250-500

world's most expensive restaurants

This is a very old-school building, full of lights and amazing architecture. It’s dominated by a huge, fragmented chandelier, whose 10,000 crystals shimmer like raindrops. Plaza Athénée in Paris is a flagship of superstar chef Alain Ducasse, who holds enough Michelin Stars to fill a firmament. Classic dishes include langoustines topped with caviar and pigeon fillets in a shallot and mustard sauce, and there is a choice of 35,000 bottles in the wine cellar.

4.  Ithaa Restaurant in Maldives -U.S. $ 300

world's most expensive restaurants

Eat 5m below sea level at Ithaa, the world’s first underwater restaurant. Housed in an acrylic shell, it cost around US $5 million to build. Diners descend to the 14 seat restaurant via a spiral staircase. The interior is an incredible tunnel of sea, surrounded on all sides by blue, shoals of fish, coral, rays and even sharks. Cuisine is western with a Maldivian twist (yes, seafood does feature), and the tasting menu is 23 courses long ($300). We only wonder what the fish make of it, looking in.

5. Solo Per Due Restaurant in Umbria, Italy– U.S. $ 300

world's most expensive restaurants

This is the smallest restaurant in the country and it is the most expensive restaurant of the country too. It will cost you around $300 for regional cooking. It offers local sheep’s cheese, Abruzzo sausage, wild mushrooms and berries; a meat, fish or vegetable entrée and homemade bread. All of this is complimented with delicious wines from the cellar. You can have yourself entertained by a private firework display as well; that’s something new.

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