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Frozen art by nature, bubbles 3

Breathtaking Natural Ice and Snow Art


There are so many talented artists around the world but no one is better than mother nature. Let’s have a look at the most stunning photos of natural ice and snow formations from around the globe that only our magnificent nature could create in such perfection. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Frozen Bubbles

Frozen art by nature, bubbles 3Photo : Angela Kelly

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Incredible carved silhouette sculptures by Angela Li

Amazing Art-Sculptures Made Out From The Blades of Knives


Incredible carved silhouette sculptures by Angela Li Angela Li recently presented his solo exhibition in Beijing titled ” Shadow of Knives”, impressing everyone who saw it. He created a brand new series of metal silhouette sculptures cut from butcher knives.The carved out parts – the shadows – mirror the hollow parts of the knives.  They can be manipulated into different shapes and to different directions. 

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the original colors of ancient Greek and Roman sculptures 4

True Colors of Ancient Greek and Roman Statues


The Ancients loved color! Finding out about this is pretty great but I’m so used to white marbled statues it just doesn’t seem right to see them colored.   I have seen so many exhibitions of Greek statues but I never never never even imagined any old sculpture being in color.

the original colors of ancient Greek and Roman sculptures 3For centuries, we’ve assumed that the clean, white surfaces of ancient Greek sculptures were the standard of beauty; during the Renaissance, artists strove to emulate this simple aesthetic in their own art. Even today, we expect truly beautiful classical and ancient art to be pure and unadorned – but Vinzenz Brinkmann and Ulrike Koch-Brinkmann have spent over two decades proving us wrong.

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Creative and Inspiring Smoke Art


The Bottled Smoke Artworks By Jim Dingilian

unusual and unique artworks made of smoke Jim Dingilian’s incredible bottle art is much more complex than the traditional building of ships inside of bottles. The detailed scenes trapped inside recycled glass bottles are made with just candle smoke.

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national flags made from each country's traditional foods, Lebanon

Food Art- National Flags Made From Traditional Food


Food and art….the most delicious combination. If you are not hungry you will be after looking through this creative collection of food photography by Australian advertising agency WHYBIN\TBWA for the Sydney International Food Festival. It’s a fantastic concept that creates a nation’s flag from the traditional food of each country. Mmmm

1. Italy’s Flag Made From Food
national flags made from each country's traditional foods, Italy

Basil, pasta, tomatoes

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hilarious description of famous paintings 5

How to Identify Famous Artists by Their Paintings


You are in front of a painting ..

So bright colours! Perfectly shaped silhouettes! And the faces…. so successfully painted !! The artist immediately springs to mind .. Rubens ? ….. or maybe Degas?

The answer came from a user of Reddit, DontTacoBoutIt (unfortunatelly a dead account) who published a series of famous paintings and simultaneously gave brief but hilariously accurate explanations on how to recognize their authors.

According to the list, Caravaggio will be easier to identify for some by the prevalence of “cow-eyed curly-haired” men rather than his novel use of light and shadow. While the entries certainly over-simplify many of these artists’ work and methods, they are a humorous and novel approach to art history and appreciation.

1.  If everybody has some sort of body malfunction, then it’s Picasso.

 hilarious description of famous paintings 13

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