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Amazing Art-Innovative Lighting Installations


The talented designer Vasileios Roumeliotis gives light to old and ordinary objects and transforms them into beautiful innovative lighting installations. His creations were exhibited from 15 May to 21 May 2015 at the exhibition ‘SuppARTing Students’ ,that was held in Tucker Robbins and Cliff Young galleries (suites 504 and 505) in the New York Design Center. Sixty-five Greek and foreign artists from different types of fine arts –such as painting, digital painting, pyrography, sculpture, engraving, cartoonist, lighting art, collage etc. – offered their artworks to support the great social project ‘suppARTing students’, aiming all proceeds to be allocated to three hundred malnourished students from twenty-five elementary schools of Thessaloniki, Greece. Wheel Light innovative lighting art, wheel light innovative lighting art, wheel light 2The lighted wheel is a wall light created from a recycled bicycle wheel and represents an alternate eco-sportive way of transportation and a excellent enlightened forward movement full of inventive ideas and creativity. innovative lighting art, NY wheel light innovative lighting art, yellow wheel light Margarita Strawberryinnovative lighting art, margarita 2innovative lighting art, margarita 3Margarita Strawberry:Music, drinks and a touch of retro constitute this ceiling light fixture creating an instant party mood.  While three glowing margaritas are being served on a turntable playing top hits of the strawberry mix, everyday objects have once again been skilfully unified to a unique creation to light the mood up.

Coffelightinnovative lighting art, coffelight 4Stainless steel, tea and espresso demitasse cups installed along a spiral iron tube resembling a huge car spring make up this installation. The use of 5 MR11 and 2 MR16 dimmable spots alter the aura from luminous to romantic. The dangling spoons hanging empty portray the enjoyment of the strong taste and pure flavour of coffee and tea, sugar + sweetener free.

Femme Saturne innovative lighting art,saturnInspired by interplay between the enigmatic planet Saturn and a woman’s curves, this table lamp creates a “tease” through dimmable lighting breasts while our lady’s most peculiar hat provides a mysterious sentiment. Re-used objects found in our day-to-day life compose this innovative fixture. A mannequin doll, illuminated glass balls and lattice are masterly combined and reinvented into the Femme Saturne lighting installation.

Smithereensinnovative lighting art, smithereens Green tyrelightinnovative lighting art, tyrelight innovative lighting art, tyrelight 2

innovative lighting art, tyrelight 3innovative lighting art, tyrelight 4

Goalight triremeinnovative lighting art, trireme Disc light innovative lighting art, pick-up innovative lighting art, pick-up 2 The fishanger lightinnovative lighting art, fishangerAn illuminated fish made of recycled wooden coat-hangers; the wondering fish is challenged to play a different role beyond the usual allowing you to hang your accessories or coats both from the hooks and the backbones. innovative lighting art, fishanger 3 innovative lighting art, fishanger 4

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