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The Best Seaside Restaurants in Halkidiki, Greece.

Greece Halkidiki TRAVEL

Located not far from Thessaloniki, (Greece’s second largest city) Halkidiki attracts countless tourists every summer. And every year it gets better and better. This charming peninsula in Greece seduces tourists with its stunning beaches, verdant nature, very popular nightlife, yummy food, especially fresh fish and a magnificent view from seaside restaurants. Speaking about the food, Halkidiki offers you many cuisines : from traditional petite taverns right next to the sea  to luxury gourmet restaurants. That’s why Halidiki is represented as the best foodie destination in the entire region of Macedonia.

Halkidiki is comprised of three peninsulas (commonly known as legs). The first peninsula is the closest to Thessaloniki and is mostly preferred by young crowd, the second peninsula, known as Sithonia, is the prettiest and the third peninsula on the east is the quietest.

I have visited many of seaside restaurants of Halkidiki and now I can share with you the best ones. Here is the list of the best non touristy restaurants of Halkidiki, starting with the restaurants in the first peninsula of Halkidiki.

7seas Achinos beach

luxury beach bar in Halkidiki, Achinos 5 The brand new and luxurious seaside restaurant Achinos is the summertime version of the Thessaloniki’s gourmet restaurant 7 seas.

If you like fresh fish, seaside restaurants with amazing views and appreciate high quality cuisine, definitely book a table at Achinos.  The menu is so tempting, I wanted to taste everything.  luxury beach bar in Halkidiki, Achinos 6

I loved the sea urchin and sushi. Also the grilled calamari was really fresh and tasty.

The service at the restaurant is excellent. If you can’t decide what to have, just ask Lazaros and he will help you to order the best dishes for you

Location: Hanioti beach, 102 km away from the city of Thessaloniki.

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price: 40-60


Villas Seaside lounge & restaurant

The setting is perfect. What to start with? The food, the view, the service?

gourmet restaurants in Halkidiki, view Villas

gourmet restaurants in Halkidiki, Villas 3gourmet restaurants in Halkidiki, Villas gourmet restaurants in Halkidiki, Villas 4 gourmet restaurants in Halkidiki, Villas 5

Comfortable sunbeds, clean complimentary towels.

A great food for sea food lovers. From salads to fish, everything was fresh and delicious.

I had the best sea bass carpaccio ever. High quality decor and service

Location: Polichrono beach

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price: 40-60

Marina Seafood Restaurant

Best Sea food tavernas in potidaia, Chalkidiki Greece Marina is an award-winning fish tavern-restaurant, located just 30 minutes away from Thessaloniki, in Nea Potidaia.Best Sea food tavernas in potidaia, Chalkidiki Greece-MarinaBest Sea food tavernas in potidaia, Chalkidiki Greece-Marinac2 Best Sea food tavernas in potidaia, Chalkidiki Greece-Marina

10 Toques d’Or Greek Cuisine Awards
2 Gourmet Distinctions
1 IFWTWA Certificate of Appreciation
1 FNL Best Restaurant Award
1 Estiatoria.gr Premium Award

Tel: +30 23730 41570
Email: info@marina-fish.gr

price: 40-60

Anassa by the sea

gourmet restaurants in Halkidiki 3

At seaside Skala Fourkas, the summertime version of of the multi award-winning Thessaloniki restaurant Anassa is headed by gifted chef Nikos Tzoumas and serves worthy seafood dishes, such as steamed cod with a fish-and-wine umami broth.

gourmet restaurants in Halkidiki
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Tel: 23740 43026

price: 40-60


Among this year’s new arrivals, Fresco, operating within the new Sani Dunes hotel, is headed by Michelin-starred chef Ettore Botrini.  Menu highlights include a sensational beetroot and gorgonzola risotto.

location: Sani beach

category: Italian fine-dining

Tel: 0800 949 6809

The Squirrel

gourmet restaurants in Halkidiki, the Squirrel


If you’re looking for elegance and i if you’re feeling rich, then The Squirrel is a right place for you. The Squirrel is one of the best, but also one of the most expensive restaurants in Halkidiki. It is situated in Nikiti, in the middle of the gorgeous Danai Beach Resort. The restaurant is extremely beautiful, snow white – beauty, because it has fascinating white open air marble terrace. From its balcony you have amazing view of Cassandra. It’s really fairy place.

For lovers of mixed French and Mediterranean flavors, The Squirrel is just the right spot. Where is the touch of France, there is a romance, so this restaurant offers few tables with guaranteed privacy and candles.

You will enjoy the creative and modern food. Plus, the whole ambiance and service are super pleasant.

Although the wine and drinks are expensive, it’s worth of visit this multiple award-winning gourmet restaurant and explore the luxury of 5***** hotel.

price: 135 euros (menu)


Arsanas restaurant is located on Nikiti beach. It’s ideal for sea food lovers. Arsanas always prepares fresh fish, but it can offer you specialties of modern Greek cuisine. The menu is petit, but very detailed and organized. Ah, yes, the most important thing, tables are right on the beach. Compared to other nearby restaurants it has slightly higher prices.

price: 20-30

Tel: 23750 23787


Boucadoura is a restaurant situated in the area of Sithonia of Halkidiki, on the Elia beach. It is a pure traditional tavern and the reason why you M – U – S – T visit Boucoudra is its spectacular sunset view. You can combine your meal and talk to the manager who will propose you the freshly catch of the day.

The position of Boucadura is truly amazing, it is set on the edge of the sea on a beautiful red rocky shore, surrounded by vegetation.

Don’t forget to bring your camera, because your 2nd must thing to do in this restaurant is to ‘’catch’’ the perfect sunset photo.

location: Akti Elias

Tel:23750 81428


The Aristos Fish Tavern

gourmet restaurants in Halkidiki, Aristos 2

The lovely fish tavern Aristos is located in the small picturesque harbour of Orma Panagias.

The Aristos Fish Tavern is a great place and highly recommended restaurant with well earned reputation. This tavern is very special and there are few reasons for it. First of all, The Aristos Fish Tavern is on the beach, next to the sea. At the same time you can enjoy the excellent fresh food and feed the fish. Next interesting thing is that this restaurant represents family business. It is the third generation and the host Aristos is really proud of it.

The only annoying thing is the mosquitoes and the bees. Make sure to have a mosquito repellent with you. For the bees ask from the restaurant for raw Greek coffee and burn it. The smoke will make the bees fly away.

gourmet restaurants in Halkidiki, Aristos

You can pick your own fresh fish and they will prepare it for you. Great location right on the beach, fresh fish, excellent service and very friendly staff!

gourmet restaurants in Halkidiki, Aristos 4 gourmet restaurants in Halkidiki, Aristos 3

I visit Aristos every year and I always leave very satisfied.
Highly recommended!

Prices very reasonable for the quality of food & service we received. 20-30euros

Fried mussels were great, fried prawns were great.The mini-deserts at the end of the meal were wonderful.

Tel: 2375 031420



Ekies is a seaside 4star hotel (one of the best in Halkidiki), restaurant and beach bar in one. A beautiful setting right next to the sea and a playful tree house restaurant.

Relaxing vibe and beautiful sunset, so relax and just enjoy the moment.

Family friendly

price: 50-70

Melia Restaurant

gourmet restaurants in Halkidiki, Melia

Located also in Vourvourou, right by Karidi beach. Excellent food, superb lunge area and good prices. It offers Mediterranean cuisine.

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gourmet restaurants in Halkidiki, Kamares

Operating within the the 5star Eagles Palace Luxury hotel, Kamares, a joint, multi award-winning venture run by two leading chefs, Giannis Baxevanis and Jerome Serres, offers a profoundly Greek menu of masterful techniques.

Location: Ouranoupoli

Tel: 23770 31101

web page

At the newly launched Eagles Villas, part of the same hotel complex, Lofos is a new arrival offering a fixed menu that is altered daily.


gourmet restaurants in Halkidiki, Kritikos


This legendary fish tavern is also located in Ouranoupoli. Fresh fish is supplied by local fishermen while the steamed fish recipe with boiled potatoes and lemon sauce is a specialty.

Tel: 23770 71222

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