Easy and Cute DIY Outdoor Pallet Furniture


DIY colorful furniture for the balcony

I have recently moved to a new apartment and it was time to decorate my new house. Since I enjoy and love more the things I do my self I decided to create my unique outdoor furniture. An easy and inexpensive way of course is by using pallets. So in only one day I had my bench and coffee table for the balcony ready. It was super easy and fun! I realized that creating furniture by your self isn’t only a man’s job.

ideas and instructions for pallet bench and coffee table furniture

What you’ll need:

2 euro pallets for a 80x120cm coffee table, but I preferred a smaller one so I cut the two euro pallets almost in half, into 120x56cm for the bottom part of my coffee table and into 65x56cm for the upper part. I didn’t stack the two parts of the coffee table, just placed the small part over the larger. This way I can have two coffee tables 🙂

For the bench I used larger pallet and I cut it to make 146x42cm but when I placed the cushions I realized It should be widest but it was too late…

I sanded them enough to get rid of the splinters and smoothed it out enough to paint, then I coated the surface with primer and when it got dry I applied the painting and over it the varnish.

ideas and instructions for pallet bench and coffee table furniture  2

diy-pallet-decoupage-bench-coffee-table Before varnishing the bench I glued some napkin patterns on it for a more romantic touch.

ideas and instructions for pallet furnitureI loved so much the whole diy pallet procedure so I also attended a workshop in order to get improved.

So in just 4 hours I created an armchair but this time with the help of a man.

ideas and instructions for pallet furniture 2ideas and instructions for pallet furniture 3After the hard but fun work it was time to check if the armchair was comfortable, well to be honest I was a little bit afraid of breaking it and falling down 🙂

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  • edwinasepisodes August 5, 2015

    I love your pallet furniture. Very original and creative. and it looks great.

  • equinoxio21 August 5, 2015

    Very nice work. And of course it is not (only) a man’s job. Actually, I don’t think a man would have thought of some of the colours.
    Great job. I’ll call you when I need a new coffee table! 🙂
    Take care

    • mocochoco August 5, 2015

      I am an expert now, call me anytime 😉

      • equinoxio21 August 6, 2015

        I will. The advantage is that the material is cheap. Your “savoir-faire” should be charged high. 🙂

        • mocochoco August 12, 2015

          I never charge my advice to friends 😉

          • equinoxio21 August 12, 2015

            Thank you. I am touched. 🙂

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