Sweet Escape: Europe’s Most Delicious Pastries, Cakes and Tarts


For the traveller with a sweet tooth, innumerable dessert opportunities await. Here are some of the best delicacies of Europe to inspire your tastebuds and make your trip unforgettable.

Prinsesstarta, Sweden

Best traditional sweets of Europe 2

Prinsesstarta or the Princess Cake is a royally approved sweet concoction quite famous in Sweden. As the legend suggests, the cake got its name after it became the favorite of three famous Swedish princesses through centuries. Layers of soft sponge cake filled with jam, whipped cream and vanilla custard as well as a bright marzipan topping make this cake an absolutely worthy choice if you are looking for royal treatment.

Croissant Ispahan, Paris

Best traditional sweets of Europe 6

If you don’t mind getting a bit dirty and sticky, here is a perfect dessert for you to try. In this Ispahan variation of croissants found in Paris, the typical flaky pastry is accompanied with seasonal harvests such as marzipan, rosewater, raspberries or tears of angels. On the very first bite you take of these delicious pastries, they will fall apart into crumbs, leaving you in a mess of bread and syrups, but it’s absolutely worth it!

Medovnik, Prague
Best traditional sweets of Europe 3
A heavenly combination of honey and whipped cream; that’s what makes this yummy pastry completely decadent. Layers after layers of honey cake are rolled together with a scrumptious filling of whipped cream or condensed milk. The Russians have an origin story about this cake, as do the Ukrainians, but you’ll find it at most corner bakeries in Prague.

Eccles Cake, London

Best traditional sweets of Europe 4

A dense buttery pastry filled with scrumptious currants, Eccles Cakes are an absolute delight for your sweet tooth. The pastry is often nicknamed as ‘dead-fly pie’ but there is nothing in that name that you should take seriously! While you can get it from any bakery, the true joy of eating Eccles Cake is in bakeries or cafes that serve them fresh accompanied often by Lancashire cheese.

Fächertorte, Vienna

Best traditional sweets of Europe

Cannoli, Italy

Best traditional sweets of Europe 5

Tired of trying gelato time and again? Here is a perfect switch for you when it comes to Italian desserts. Cannoli has a fried crispy dough tube that is filled inside with sweet ricotta. However, there are several variations of fillings and dips offered with these pastries, with bakeries filling them up after you order them. If you really want the best taste, eat them fresh and crisp!

Canolli-PalermoEnjoying Cannoli in Palermo…..mmmm……yummy…..

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  • georgia November 19, 2013

    I have eaten princesstarta my friend and it’s perfect, very tasteful!!!! mmmmiaam mmiaaam!!

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