Dream Hotel

Dream Hotels

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Dream Hotel

Hotel Fasano, Punta del Este, Uraguay.

Dream Hotel

Amangiri, Utah.

Boat Hotel, Cocoa Islands, Maldives

Boat Hotel, Cocoa Islands, Maldives.

Longitude 131 Tented Resort, Ayers Rock, Australia

Longitude 131 Tented Resort, Ayers Rock, Australia. Source: Kiwi Collection

Dream Hotel

Earth Lodge, Sabi Sands, South Africa.

Dream HotelsLobby of Leela Palace, Bangalore, India.Source: Sabi Sands

Dream hotelsBubble Tent under the stars, Sky River, France. Source: Kiwi Collection

Dream HotelExtreme Camping in the Sky, Bavaria, Germany. Source: Epundit

Dream HotelCalistoga Ranch, Napa, California. Source: Calistoga

Dream Hotel

Floating Cinema, Kodu Island.


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