Best Halloween recipes ideas

20 Easy and Creative Halloween Recipes


1. Wicked Witch
Easy and cute witch halloween recipe
To make the evil witch’s legs, roll orange fondant into two 3-inch-long ropes. Mold small pieces of black fondant into shoes and press onto the legs. Place the legs on a plate and use black decorating gel to draw striped tights. Put a green-frosted cupcake upside down on top of the legs.

2. Witch CupcakesEasy and cute witch halloween recipe 2

3. Orange Jelly Jack o’ Lanterns recipeEasy and cute halloween recipe with orangeGet the recipe: taste

4. Chocolate Covered Marshmallow PumpkinsEasy and cute marshmallow pumkins halloween recipe Get the recipe: adventuresofabettycrockerwannabe

5. Frankenstein Marshmallow PopsEasy and cute frankenstein marshmallow halloween recipe Get the recipe: justataste

6. Halloween Frankenstein Pudding Cups
So cute for Halloween. Draw face on clear cup add green food coloring to vanilla pudding and crush oreos on top!
7. Bat and Spider Chocolate Crackles
Easy and cute spider cracklers halloween recipe
Get the recipe: taste
8. Halloween Cookie Dough Pops
Easy and cute cookie pops halloween recipe Get the recipe: kevinandamanda
9. Halloween Popcorn
Easy and cute halloween popcorn recipeGet the recipe: apumpkinandaprincess
10. Eyeball Cakes Pops
Easy and cute eye pops halloween recipeGet the recipe: bakerella
11. Mummy Cupcakes
Easy and cute halloween mummies recipeGet the recipe: apumpkinandaprincess
12. No-Bake Spiderweb Cheesecake recipe
Easy and cute halloween cheesecake recipeGet the recipe: marthastewart
13. I Scream Sandwitches
Making “sandwitches” is easy — just use dark-and-dreary (chocolate) cookies and gruesome green (mint) ice cream. Then eat quickly. Wicked witches have a habit of melting — these ones, especially.
Easy and cute witch cap recipeGet the recipe: marthastewart
14. Strawberry Ghosts
Easy and cute strawberry halloween recipe Get the recipe: blog.candiquik
15. Ghost Jell-O Treats
Easy and cute ghost halloween recipeGet the recipe: modernparentsmessykids
16. Grape-Lemonade Ghost Ice Pops
Easy and cute ghost pops halloween recipe Get the recipe: marthastewart
17. Ghost Cupcakes
Easy and cute ghost halloween recipe 2Get the recipe: marthastewart
18. Red Velvet Halloween Cakes
Easy and cute halloween cake recipeGet the recipe: heatherchristo
19. Halloween Spider Sandwiches
Easy and cute spider halloween recipe Get the recipe: autismlearningfelt

20. Spooky Jelly Cupcakes

Easy and cute jelly cupcakes halloween recipe Get the recipe: taste

Best Halloween recipes ideas



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