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The Best Beaches of Thassos Island

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The ‘’Emerald Island ‘’ Thassos has some of the most wonderful beaches in Greece. Poseidon’s son is still one of the most visited Greek islands by holiday lovers. Maybe the hocus-pocus things do their work successfully.

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Nowadays, the best synonyms for this charming pearl are minerals, forests, marvelous beaches, great hotels, many tourist facilities, but also its pure environment. Driving around the island can help you to discover hidden places and it will give you the opportunity to enjoy the silence and total privacy. With these characteristics, Thassos is a unique spot for families and couples, slash, quiet and relaxing holiday.

The siren call brings you to Golden Beach, Makriammos and Paradise Beach, but it brings you to many other paralias around the coast of Thassos, too.

Here is the list of the best beaches signed with lovemark by Zeus and Europa.

1. Paradise beach – 30 km from Potos, 24 km from Limenas

most popular beaches on thasos, greece 8Do you often think what does Paradise look like? Check out this precious! Mmmmm, soft white sand, silky touch between your toes, salt in your hair and mojito in your hand. So, that’s what Paradise looks like. Paradise Beach is among the most popular beaches on Thassos because it resembles a tropical paradise. Plus, with the wild and rugged environment, it has its special picturesque note and soul. For sports lovers, there is a special bonus. When it’s windy, Paradise Beach is an ideal place for windsurfing. The best waves on the Island.

2. Alyki – 20 km east of Potos, 31 km south of Limenas

most popular beaches on thasos, greece 9Where can we put our towels? – is the question that you can hear every single day on this beach, especially in August, when you can barely find a free place. Alyki would be on the top of this list if it wasn’t so crowded. All that you want and all that you need in one place. Two small white sand beaches, pine trees, olive trees, and ancient marble quarries. From this point of view, you will agree that this is a fantastic and unique scenery. No words needed, just look at the pics.

3. Golden Beach – about 40 km from Potos, 14 km from Limenas

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most popular beaches on thasos, greece

Timbeeer! Yeah, that’s right! This beach is ideal for families and children because it’s surrounded by extremely beautiful vegetation. The forest goes all the way to the beach. Fresh air, golden sand and crystal clear water are making more attractive this island beauty. A well organized long beach and a shallow water represent rescue for parents who need a good rest without stress. On the left side of the beach you will find some nice restaurants.

4. Marble or Saliara beach – 4km from Makryammos

Saliara is one of the world’s most extraordinary beaches. Its sandy coastline over the years mixed with marble pebbles and Saliara beach became totally white, shiny and impressive.

5. Makriammos beach -2 km from Limenas

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The picturesque Makriammos beach is the closest beach to Limenas.  It is well organized, umbrellas and sun beds are offered to rent.  You can enjoy water sports facilities.

6. Psili Ammos – 7km east of Potos, 40 km south of Limenas

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Psili Ammos is a long beach with soft sand and amazing water. It is located between Potos and Astris, on the southern side of Thassos, near the lovely village of Astris. Its brilliant surrounding consists of pine trees and lush vegetation. Its natural beauty attracts many sunbathers who also come to enjoy the water sports and facilities of the beach.

Nice white sand, plenty of parking lots (in september), quite shallow water, scuba diving, pine trees. You don’t have to pay for sunbeds.

7. Pachis – 10km from Limenas and 42km west of Potos

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8.Tripity beach – 2.5km to the west of Limenaria, 35 km south-west of Limenas

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This is a vast beach with sand and crystal water. It is a very popular place proposing sun beds, umbrellas, and water sports.

Trypiti is a beautiful vast beach with exotic waters and rich marine life. It is well-organized with umbrellas and sundecks. It is situated close to large tourist complexes favoring the popularity of the beach. The natural beauty of Trypiti consists of steep cliffs covered with dense vegetation and tall trees.

9. La scala beach-4km Limenas

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Sandy organized beach with the best beach bar on the island. The umbrellas on the first raw are charged for 20 euros (extremely expensive for Thasos). You can enjoy coffee, drinks and nice food.

10.Giola beach-4km from Astrida

most beautiful natural pools

The worldwide popular and beautiful natural lagoon resembles a swimming pool carved into rocks. Unfortunately, it became very touristy and the water is a bit dirty.

The access is quite difficult. You’ll have to drive about 3 km. of dirt road. Then you’ll have to walk for about 1 km., following the arrows marked on the rocks.

If you are party freak, then I would suggest you visit Mykonos or Rhodes Island, there’s a party 24/7.

Pack your bags, people, the Island is waiting on us!

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